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Escape the Nightmare -OUT OF STOCK!

Escape the Nightmare -OUT OF STOCK!

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PLEASE NOTE: this is no longer available with no current plans to restock it.
Escape the Nightmare is a frantic cooperative trading game for 3-7 players. You have to trade fragments of nightmare with your friends to try to help them complete sets in order to escape. But each card they give you in return forces you to do something unhelpful and you have to make a move every ten seconds or the thing chasing you through the nightmare will catch you and end the game for everyone.

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Escape the Nightmare

It’s Coming.



• Frantic Trading Action. There are no turns; you act as quickly as you can, all together, all the time.

• Rapid Play. It takes a couple of minutes to win and only seconds to lose, but either way you’ll be itching for another game.

• Vibrant Artwork. Over 20 of 3DTotals top artists came together to produce the images that grace, disgrace or darken the game’s many nightmares.

• Vivid Nightmares. Each type of nightmare affects play differently. A mutilation nightmare might leave you playing without hands, a delirium nightmare can have everyone talking in rhyme and if someone falls to an isolation nightmare they might speak nothing but lies.

• Customised Fear. With two play modes, six difficulties and eleven types of nightmare you can adjust the game to suit any group. Play a slow paced game that allows some mistakes and features singing and hugging or have a heart pounding race against the clock with only deadly serious effects – the choice is yours.


"Coming out of a game is that same feeling as leaving the cinema after watching a really good horror film, you’re not sure why you put yourself through that stress but you know that you enjoyed it." - Polyhedron Collider

"3DTotalGames has a great track record, and Escape the Nightmare is no exception. It’s a fun little game that’ll grind your nerves into the ground." - Purple Pawn

"I’d have to say I think it is a very good game. I am also still amazed at how incredible the art is. I could get lost in the art for hours." - Bored? Games!


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