3DCreative Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)
3DCreative Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3DCreative Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)

3DCreative Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)

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CDQ25 is next cdq issue, product sku is 3dc-bk-2014

All 12 issues published in 2014


Issue 101 Break into the concept art industry
Master modeler: Marco Di Luccia
Sketch stylized characters
Art Gallery
Learn efficient prop sculpting
Perfect post-production in Maya
Photoreal post-production tips
How to photograph textures
Sculpt creepy creatures
Forge impressive hyperreal scenes
ZBrush characters and scenes

Issue 102 Crafting iconic characters
Building a career in 3D jewelry
Refine your skills with sketching
Art Gallery
Master previz for photoreal scenes
Accurately model a photorealistic car
Create a classic car in Maya
Convert photographs into textures
Sculpt distinctive creatures
Transform drawings into 3D
Design contemporary architecture

Issue 103 Becoming a world-class character artist
Taking charge in VFX careers
Explore your ideas with ZBrush
Art Gallery
Sculpt expressive characters
Model photoreal objects from life
Accurately detail a classic car
Refine vehicle geometry
Generate Bump and Specular maps
Create dynamic landscapes in Vue
Designing sculptures in ZBrush

Issue 104 Creating characters for triple-A titles
Crafting a character design career
Master anatomy with 3D sketching
Art Gallery
Sculpt high-concept characters
Replicate objects in 3ds Max
Perfect vintage car models
Master vehicle mesh geometry
Prepare textures for characters
Develop stylized character scenes
Create photoreal sci-fi characters

Issue 105 3D-printed fashion
Craft your own style
ZBrush sculpting techniques
Art Gallery
Speed up your ZBrush workflow
Master photoreal texturing
Perfect vintage car geometry
Finalize detailed classic cars
Extract and refine texture maps
Create mythological creatures
2D concept to print-ready mini

Issue 106 Protecting the past with 3D
Becoming a 3D polymath
Creative ZBrush sketching
Art Gallery
Design compelling compositions
Photoreal texturing tips
Light and render mapped textures
Photoreal car interiors in 3ds Max
Model vehicle furnishings in Maya
Create convincing characters
Master a quick portfolio still

Issue 107 Mastering monster design
Sculpt a career in ZBrush
50 monster sculpts
Art Gallery
Refine character sculpts in ZBrush
Perfect photoreal textures in 3ds Max
Texturing game props in Photoshop
Realize vehicle materials and shaders
Model photoreal tires in Maya
Design and create impressive mechs
Working to a tight brief

Issue 108 Breaking into the mainstream
Pursuing a diverse industry career
Sketch epic creatures in ZBrush
Art Gallery
Coloring with Polypaint in ZBrush
Master still-life textures and shading
Texture an expert exterior
Light and render realistic cars
Create photoreal car materials
Create emotive images
Design alien explorers in ZBrush

Issue 109 Mastering stylized character art
Inspirational fantasy images
Becoming a character artist
Improve your ZBrush sketches
Art Gallery
Finishing a photoreal scene
Creating grunge and neglect
Mastering materials and lighting
Image-based lighting with sIBL
Mastering vehicle post-production
Sculpting imaginative monsters
Crafting a robot portrait

Issue 110 An insight into film
Becoming a creature designer
Fantastical clay sculptures
Create expressive cartoon characters
Art Gallery
Learning the bony landmarks
Present clay sculpts with finesse
Design a canyon environment
Texturing a restaurant interior
Sculpting a beautiful dancer
Enhance your metallic objects

Issue 111 Creating surreal cartoon worlds
Becoming a character sculptor
Sculpting abstract anatomy
Sketching characters in ZBrush
Art Gallery
Learning human musculature
Improve your concept designs
Creating an alien life form
Lift a scene with post-production
Detailing an epic character
Sculpt a striking fantasy design

Issue 112
Mastering stylized character design
Experimenting with ZBrush
Working with symbolism
Sculpting anatomy in ZBrush
Art Gallery
Streamline your Maya workflow
Enhance your characters with color
Develop environments with ZBrush
Craft a forest scene in Vue
Design appealing fantasy creatures
Sculpt a sci-fi heroine

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