Originally a digital artist’s resource website, 3dtotal has grown into an industry-leading art-book publisher. Renowned for creating high-quality, inspirational, and practical tutorial books with some of the best artists working in the movie, games, animation, and publishing industries, 3dtotal Publishing sets the standard for modern art books.

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As 3dtotal became more successful, we had the opportunity to think about what kind of company we really wanted to be. We knew we wanted to do things differently, focusing on treating people positively. We started with those closest to us: our artists, customers, and staff. We then thought about how we could go further and do better for the wider world. This is when we set ourselves the challenge of donating 50% of our NET profits to meaningful, humanitarian, and environmental causes – a pledge we achieved and have maintained since the start of 2022.

From the moment we began to make these positive changes, wonderful things started to happen. Positivity and growth came back to us in abundance, and 3dtotal went from strength to strength.


Supporting Artists

Our relationship with our contributing artists is key to everything we do. We endeavour to pay top royalty rates, well beyond the industry standard, and fees that truly reflect the skill of the artists with which we work. 3dtotal also invests heavily into production to create physical books with which artists are proud to be involved.

3dtotal employs artists from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. The diversity of the artists we partner with is reflected in their beautiful and varied art work.

By fostering important and beneficial relationships with artists, we are able to make the best books possible and improve the way we sell them, which in turn allows us to achieve our other objectives.

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Valuable Books for Customers

We commission the very best content by artists from which hobbyists, students, and professional artists want to learn. We carefully design books to appeal to a passionate and discerning audience. This means we have to maintain a relationship with, and awareness of, our audiences needs. Additionally, we produce books that are beautiful, built to last, and intended to be treasured for years – or perhaps even passed on so that others can benefit from them, too.

Excellent Employment

We carefully plan comfortable workloads that allow the team to work a four-day week for half of the year. Additionally, hybrid and flexible working patterns allow staff to work from home for part of the week, and a creative bonus scheme means a portion of profits are distributed to the team annually. We are also committed to increasing rates of pay each year to follow UK inflation. These excellent benefits have resulted in zero staff turnover since the start of 2022.

Charitable Giving

Our flagship pledge to give 50% of NET profits to charities has allowed us to do some wonderful work with charities like Giving What We Can, the HCC Children’s Home in Nepal, and Founders Pledge. More information about these charities, and many more, can be found on our charity pages.

We find this pledge gives customers confidence when buying our books, as they know their support for us turns into support for these valuable causes. Our commitment to helping these charities has also opened the door for us to work with world-renowned and prestigious artists that share our key values.

Most of the charitable work we do is done internationally, where we can use funds most effectively to make the biggest difference, but additionally in 2024 we intend to purchase twenty-five acres of land in our home city of Worcester, UK. Our aim is to create a local nature reserve for the wildlife and people of the city.

By focusing on these areas, we have found great success based on an ethically sound business. We’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible partners along the way, such as Consortium and Ingram, who have been very successful in export markets. We also work with excellent foreign publishers who translate many of our titles.

We’re endlessly grateful to everyone who has helped make us the company we are today.