Charity Update Spring- Summer 2023

Between March 2023 and August 2023, we have donated to the following causes:

  • £46,316 to Giving What We Can
  • £19,850 to Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund
  • £11,454 to Eden Reforestation
  • £7,800 to Worcester Environmental
  • £6,616 to GiveDirectly
  • £1,800 to HCC Children's Home in Nepal



Images © Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund

2023 has been declared the hottest year on record and human-caused climate change is at the forefront of both political and news agendas. At 3dtotal we continue to offset the environmental damage done by printing and shipping books and other products around the world, by apportioning a significant amount of our net profits to the Founders Pledge. This charity looks to find and fund sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allow growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty. Learn more at:

 Images © Giving What We Can

At Giving What We Can, a decade of charity research has revealed the astounding fact that the best charities can have 100x more impact per dollar! They guide donations to those charities, so money can really help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. This season, we donated to their Effective Giving Research & Advocacy direct and two other specific funds:

Global Health and Wellbeing Fund
This particular fund area encompasses a range of specific causes that are all aiming to save and improve the lives of people today. The focus is on reducing poverty and illness, improving education and mental health, and empowering women.Find out more at

Effective Animal Advocacy Fund
Giving What We Can believes improving animal welfare is a high-priority cause area because of its massive scale that is extremely neglected. They prioritise three areas: advocating for farmed animals, reducing consumption of animal products and helping wild animals. Read more at

Images © GivingDirectly

GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that lets donors send money directly to the world’s poorest households. They believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice. Cash allows individuals to invest in what they need, instead of relying on aid organisations and donors thousands of miles away to choose for them. Since 2009, they have delivered $700M+ in cash directly into the hands of over 1.5 million people living in poverty. Learn more at

Image © Worcester Environmental Group
Worcester Environmental Group
A local charity close to our homes and hearts. Our donation was ringfenced to fund hiring a volunteer coordinator, with the purpose of finding out if hiring one person can result in many more volunteer hours being created.

Image © 40 Friends HCC
As has become our usual practice, we made a payment to the children's home in Nepal for them to spend as they see fit. We look forward to receiving an update on where the money has gone and the delighted faces of the children, which really makes our day!

Image © Eden Project

Trees will continue to be at the heart of our charitable donations, even as we move away from our pledge to plant one tree for every book sold to our broader 50% of net profits to charitable causes. But for now, and until we find an even more effective way to spend our money to offset the damage caused by the printing and shipping of our books, we are still honouring our one tree policy. Eden Reforestation remain the custodian of our forest in Mozambique and we have planted a further 99,095 trees thanks to all our customers, collaborators and colleagues.

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