Charity Update Autumn - Winter 2022

Between September 2022 and February 2023, we have donated to the following causes:

  • £52,089 to Effective Altruism
  • £25,000 to World Malaria Day
  • £13,095 to Eden Reforestation
  • £11,475 to Founders Pledge
  • £1,800 to HCC home in Nepal
  • £719 to Kiva

We have donated over £1 million to charitable causes

Image © Centre For Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism and has become one of our biggest beneficiaries, due their support for high impact interventions proven to make the biggest difference. They operate by the guiding principles of commitment to others, scientific mindset, openness, integrity, and collaborative spirit. In our resolution to help the earth through donating to worthy causes, we use the Centre for Effective Altruism as our guide to ensure our charitable funds make as much impact as possible.

In this period, we have continued our support of two particular funds:

  • The Global Health and Development Fund, which recommends grants with the aim of improving people’s lives, typically in the poorest regions of the world where the need for healthcare and economic empowerment is greatest.
  • The Animal Welfare Fund, which aims to effectively improve the wellbeing of non-human animals, particularly in neglected groups of animals or geographic regions

World Malaria Day logo

We are always looking to find funds with the most potential to make the most difference to people on the ground; and with malaria being one of the biggest killers globally, especially of children under the age of five, we chose this year to give a sizeable donation to the World Malaria Day 2023 fund. Working with Against Malaria Foundation and the Malaria Consortium, this campaign looks to provide long-lasting insecticidal nets to those at risk and life-saving medication to children in areas where malaria is most prevalent during the rainy season.

Trees in water

Images © Eden Reforestation Projects

From 2020 onwards, we pledged to plant one tree for every book we sold, in a bid to help offset the environmental impact of the printing and shipping of our books. Our success between September 2022 and February 2023 means we’ve planted a further 109,270 trees, with the help of Eden Reforestation Projects. Since our pledge began, we have planted a phenomenal 675,719 trees, extending further our mangrove forest in Mozambique. We would like to thank everyone who has bought a 3dtotal book and helped us to plant a tree.

With climate change currently being the single biggest actual threat to humanity, and a particular focus for our attempts to offset the environmental damage done by printing and shipping books and Anatomy Figures around the world, the Founders Pledge remains a key recipient from our own charity commitment. This charity looks to find and fund sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allow growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty. Learn more at: climate-change-fund


Woman helping a child

Images © HCC Nepal Children’s Home

The 40Friends HCC Children’s Home has been a beneficiary of 3dtotal’s charity pledge since 2018 and a trip made to Kathmandu in Nepal by 3dtotal founder, Tom Greenway. Since being taken on by Lincs2Nepal, 3dtotal has committed to paying the monthly food bill for the ever-expanding home and helping in any small way possible, including sending over some iPads and art books!

Kiva logo

Kiva is an international nonprofit with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. They do this by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the underserved, improving the quality and cost of financial services, and addressing the underlying barriers to financial access around the world. 100% of every dollar goes to funding loans. Twice a year, the 3dtotal staff are each given a budget to fund a loan of their choosing, which, if it is repaid, goes straight back in to fund the next round of loans. Often, we will look to complete the funding for those close to achieving their targets, like Elvis (see photo), who was looking for help to nurture and grow his organic coffee plantation. Women are also frequent recipients, especially those single-handedly raising families, in areas where gender discrimination endures.

Kiva recipients Elvis and Maribeth

Images © Kiva

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