Charity Update Spring - Summer 2022

Between March and August 2022, we have donated to the following causes:

  • £159,959 to Founders Pledge
  • £155,968 to Effective Altruism
  • £10,000 to Rainforest Foundation US
  • £9,318 to Eden Reforestation
  • £1,800 to HCC home in Nepal

The Founders pledge - climate change fund is committed to finding and funding sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allow growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty.

With 4 clear strategic objectives for 2022/23, the focus of the fund is on:

  • Policy leadership and paradigm shaping
  • Advocacy to avoid carbon lock-in in emerging economies
  • Accelerating the innovation of neglected-yet-critical technologies
  • Supporting the growth of promising organizations

Image © Centre For Effective Altruism

Over the last few years, we have started to explore the world of Effective Altruism and it has since become one of our biggest beneficiaries. Their research reveals how supporting high impact interventions has been proven to make the biggest difference. They operate by the guiding principles of commitment to others, scientific mindset, openness, integrity, and collaborative spirit. In our resolution to help the earth through donating to worthy causes, we use the Centre for Effective Altruism  as our guide to ensure our charitable funds make as much impact as possible.

We have chosen three funds to donate to in this period:

  • Global Health and Development Fund, which recommends grants with the aim of improving people’s lives, typically in the poorest regions of the world where the need for healthcare and economic empowerment is greatest.
  • Animal Welfare Fund, which aims to effectively improve the well-being of nonhuman animals, particularly in neglected geographic regions or groups of animals.
  • Long-Term Future Fund, which aims to positively influence the long-term trajectory of civilization by making grants that address global catastrophic risks, especially potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence and pandemics.

Rainforest Foundation US supports indigenous peoples of Latin America in their fight against deforestation and human rights violations. Since its inception over 30 years ago, this effective organisation has been recognized on multiple “Best Charities” lists, including Charity Navigator—the gold standard of charity assessment.

Images © Eden Reforestation Projects

From 2020 onwards, we pledged to plant one tree for every book we sold, in a bid to help offset the environmental impact of the printing and shipping of our books. Our success during Spring and Summer 2022 has meant that we could plant a further 86,481 trees from the sales of our books, with the help of Eden Reforestation Projects. Since our pledge began, we have planted a phenomenal 566,449 trees and our mangrove forest in Mozambique is expanding rapidly. We would like to thank everyone who has bought a 3dtotal book and helped us to plant a tree.

Images © HCC Nepal Children’s Home

Ever since 2018 and a trip made by 3dtotal founder, Tom Greenway, to the HCC Nepal Children’s Home in Kathmandu, we have helped the children in whatever practical way deemed necessary, including building sanitary facilities and school uniforms. The home has recently been taken under the wing of Links2nepal and re-branded as The 40Friends HCC Children’s Home. 3dtotal is now responsible for paying their monthly food bill.

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