Charity Update Winter 2019

From 2020, 3dtotal has committed to donating 20% of our net profits to charitable causes, to help the world and the people who inhabit it, this is thanks to the incredible support from all of our customers, employees and partners. We wanted to share what this success has allowed us to donate from January - June 2020...


  • £30,072 to Effective Altruism
  • £1,755 to HCC Children’s Home in Nepal
  • £1,000 to UNHCR refugee appeal
  • £1,000 to UNHCR Yemen appeal
  • £1,000 to Saru’s Children’s Home in Nepal
  • £500 to My Small Help to support families in Nepal affected by COVID-19


  • £10,394 to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 132,000 trees for our One Tree Planted for Every Book Sold pledge
  • £4,808 to Coalition for Rainforest Nations
  • £4,808 to Rainforest Foundation US
  • £4,808 to Clean Air Taskforce

Including previous donations made since 2011, our running total now stands at £189,571, approximately $250,000

eden project trees plants logo organisation environmental

From 2020 onwards, we pledged to plant one tree for every book we sold, in a bid to help offset the environmental impact of the printing and shipping of our books. Our success so far this year means that we can currently plant 132,000 trees from the sales of our books, with the help of Eden Reforestation Projects. The year is not yet over, so this total is sure to be much higher by December. We would like to thank everyone who has bought a 3dtotal book this year and helped us make this happen!

Image © Centre For Effective Altruism

For the past five years, we have started to research and explore the world of Effective Altruism. Their research reveals how supporting high impact interventions has been proven to make the biggest difference. To assess which causes are high impact, they use a well-researched framework which evaluates how great the cause is in scale (how many lives it affects), how neglected it has been (how many other people are tackling it), and how solvable it is (whether added support will significantly help and bring lasting change). In our commitment to helping the earth through donating to good causes, we use the Centre for Effective Altruism as our guide to ensure the funds are used as efficiently as possible.

earth draw charity event logo

Back in 2018, we wanted to see what we could achieve if the art community came together with drive and passion to make a difference, and our creative crowdfunding project Earth Draw was born. We teamed up with five incredible artists who collaborated on a stunning, limited edition print. The following year we launched Earth Draw II with the support of 29 talented artists, and were able to donate thousands of pounds to Eden Reforestation Projects, Coalition for Rainforest Nations, and The Heart of England Forest. Keep your eyes peeled for Earth Draw III coming soon...

charity photography hcc nepal children's home

Although we mainly utilize the Centre for Effective Altruism to help us support good causes, the 3dtotal team wanted to take this a step further and experience charity work in a developing country first-hand. In March 2018 we discovered a worthy cause being the HCC Nepal Children’s Home in Kathmandu. Tom Greenway, the founder of 3dtotal, flew out to pay them a visit and identify ways in which we could help. During this trip, we were able to provide them a large refrigerator, new school uniforms, and funding for a new dormitory and classroom to be built. This inspiring trip reinforced our desire to continue giving back to the global community, and solidified charitable giving as one of the core aims of our company. We keep in regular contact with the HCC Nepal Children’s Home and will continue to support them as part of our charity efforts.

Image © Coalition for Rainforest Nations

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations seeks responsible stewardship of the world’s last great rainforests through innovative strategies which integrate social, economic, and scientific rationales to achieve environmental and social sustainability. It has been identified as one of the most impactful environmental charities by Founders Pledge, and we were very happy to be able to make two donations (one from our Earth Draw II campaign and one from the percentage of our profits) to their excellent cause.

Image © Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force describe themselves as practical climate problem solvers, pushing the change in technologies and policies needed to meet their goal of achieving zero-emissions energy, waste, agricultural, and forest management systems by 2050. Clean Air Task Force has also been identified as a highly effective organization by Founders Pledge, and we are glad to be able to contribute to their cause.

rainforest foundations us charity event

Image © Rainforest Foundation US

Rainforest Foundation US supports indigenous and traditional peoples in Central and South America in their efforts to protect their environment from deforestation and fulfill their rights. With an effective and respectful human rights-based approach to environmental protection, Rainforest Foundation US has been able to protect over 30 million acres of tropical rainforest since its inception in 1989. This is yet another worthy cause we are proud to be supporting.

shovels digging charity trees planting

The Heart of England Forest aims to create a 30,000-acre forest across the middle of the country that can be enjoyed by visitors for hundreds of years to come, while also having a positive impact on the environment. In addition to raising funds through our Earth Draw II campaign, members of the 3dtotal team volunteered their time in 2019 and 2020 to help plant trees. We hope to continue these fun and fulfilling tree-planting trips well into the future, in spite of the cold weather!

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