An Interview with Brett Bean

Brett Bean

Brett Bean is the author and illustrator of the series Zoo Patrol Squad with Penguin Workshop, and the illustrator on I Hate Fairyland (Image Comics), Battle Bugs (Scholastic), and the Beasts of Olympus (WORKSHOP) book series. He works in film, TV, video games, and board games with Disney, Riot Games, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Marvel, Ravensburger, and more. Brett has taught character design and concept art at Gnomon School of Visual FX, LAAFA, CGMA, and various workshops around the world. He loves board games, comics, original art, basketball, Tom Waits, and travelling.

His name is Brett Bean and he likes long walks on the beach as well as drawing!

Neddy had a thoroughly enjoyable chat with the always jovial Brett Bean about his unconventional career journey, how he worked with 3dtotal to create Draw! into the kind of book, he would have wanted as an artist just starting out, and some advice for life as much as art - take only what you need.

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