An Interview with Kelogsloops


Hieu Nguyen, known by many as Kelogsloops, is a popular mixed-media artist from Melbourne, Australia. His work showcases his love for both digital and watercolour painting, while blending influences from surreal-art styles and Japanese anime. Hieu exhibits his work in galleries all over the world, while also keeping up with his successful social-media presence, boasting an online fanbase of over two million. He has also worked with big companies such as Disney and Paramount Pictures.

3dtotal’s interviewer Neddy sat down for an inspiring chat with Kelogsloops about the timeless artwork he creates, the influence of his four older brothers’ on his art, and how his (her?) YouTube channel began. Kelogsloops also shares the story behind the name of his book, “The Art of Kelogsloops: From Sketch to Finish,” and much more!

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