An Interview with Sara Frazetta

Frank Frazetta

Hailed as the "godfather of fantasy art", Frank Frazetta (1928–2010) had a profound influence on the genre with his powerful, visceral images. Featured widely across book covers, album sleeves, posters and comics, Frazetta's muscular warriors and sensual heroines made him an enduring icon of fantasy and sci-fi culture. Today his legacy is maintained by Frazetta Girls, founded by his daughter Holly and granddaughter Sara, ensuring that his work can be enjoyed for many years to come by fans new and old.

We sat down to chat with Sara Frazetta about her grandfather Frank, and how his iconic work has influenced countless people, including Robert Rodriguez, Rafael Grassetti, the Shiflett Bros, and Dom Lay. We also discussed the importance of preserving his legacy and inspiring the new generation, the need for more books like this, plus much more!

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