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Artists' Master Series: Composition and Narrative

Artists' Master Series: Composition and Narrative

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Aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike, this comprehensive title dissects the theory and practice of using composition and narrative to advance your art. Artists from across the traditional and digital worlds share a deeper mastery of the subjects through theory chapters, extensive tutorials, inspirational gallery artwork, and expert tips, providing a single, in-depth reference at your fingertips.

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Following the huge success of Artists’ Master Series: Color & Light, follow-up title Artists’ Master Series: Composition & Narrative features experts from both the traditional and digital worlds. Drawing from a wealth of experience, they fully dissect the theory and practice of using composition and narrative to progress your art.

*Master of his craft, Greg Rutkowski explores composition and narrative in great detail in the opening chapters. Using stunning visual artwork and striking examples from the past to illustrate the theory, he provides readers with the tools to advance their art to the next level.
*Respected artists Devin Elle Kurtz, Nathan Fowkes, Joshua Clare, and Dom Lay guide readers through extensive tutorials, specially commissioned to explore their use of composition and narrative.
*Further insight is provided by the gallery artists, also experts in their fields, representing a range of styles, techniques, and mediums.

This unique opportunity to study composition and narrative so extensively offers a deeper mastery of the subjects, and a single, comprehensive reference at your fingertips.

Product details
Hardback 288 pages
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-59-6


Contents and contributors

Composition - Greg Rutkowski
Narrative - Greg Rutkowski

Sea Serpent - Devin Elle Kurtz
Arabian Port - Nathan Fowkes
Lone Rider - Joshua Clare
Market Plaza - Dom Lay

Gallery - Devin Elle Kurtz, Nathan Fowkes, Joshua Clare, Dom Lay, Djamila Knopf, Sean Layh, Heikala, Guweiz, Jessica Woulfe, Izzy Burton


Customer Reviews

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3D Total Publishing truly has an impressive book collection. I didn't know one could get love bombed by books but it really happened to me, cross my heart and hope to die!

Their collections have outstanding quality, not only in reference to content, layout and design but also in the physical quality of the books themselves.

I find their content to be spot on and relevant to art today, as a multi layered medium that ties together hands on craftsmanship with the complexity of high level digital artistry. The books are rich in the “know how” and give a pallet of styles from a collection of professional artists.

I was surprised by the level of detail around their products, many books included a complimentary high quality print of the artist work, and some books were autographed by the artist themselves. What a treat!

Their customer service is impeccable and personal. I was really aware that there is a human on the other side, funny how the absence of AI can make a human feel valued.

Good overview

This book gives you a good overview of composition and narrative. For me, the chapter with Devin Elle Kurtz's drawings was especially interesting, as I do like her storytelling abilities, and she is a great teacher. Also looking at all the amazing artworks it is great. I would say it is a decent Overview of the topic. I am glad that I do have it in my bookshelf.


I think 3DTotal book should be used in art colleges as textbooks. They are amazing books that are so well put together I recommend them to anyone interested in art creation.


Love this book like the many others. Can't wait to get more!