An interview with Djamila Knopf

Djamila Knopf

Djamila lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Working as an illustrator for games and books until 2017, she one day had an epiphany and decided to dedicated herself to being an independent artist, concentrating on her own style of work. Primarily creating work digitally, Djamila was obsessed with fantasy and 90s anime, and her work today is an accumulation of these early influences.

Long-term friend and contributor Djamila Knopf sits down with 3dtotal interviewer Neddy to chat about her artistic journey, the undeniable influence of Anime on her work, her non-traditional workflow, and her newest artbook with 3dtotal, Luminescence: Shedding light on the creative process with Djamila Knopf, plus much more!

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