An Interview with Madi Harper

Madi Harper

Madi Harper is a freelance illustrator working in children's books, cover art, and commercial illustration. Her inspiration comes from the joy of creating art combined with the art around her: in nature, in hiking, in the people she meets, and in the illustrators that came before her. Her work holds an element of early-to-mid-1900s illustration with a modern twist in the colour palette and medium.

Illustrator Madi Harper talks to 3dtotal interviewer Neddy about her artistic journey, faith and inspirations. She contemplates the challenges of drawing Pinocchio for Character Design Collection: Fairy Tales and Folklore, and how she chose the version of the Snow Queen that she wanted to portray in The Field Guide to Witches. Madi also reminds us that our art does not define us, it's just a part of who we are. Worldly wisdom from someone so young!




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