Pernille Ørum: Art Side of Life Interview

Pernille Ørum

Pernille Ørum is a freelance illustrator and visual artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a degree in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop, a highly respected specialist animation university based in Denmark. Her clients include Disney Publishing, Nickelodeon Jr., Mattel, and DreamWorks and she was Lead Character Designer on Warner Brothers DC Superhero Girls. Pernille's influential links to the entertainment industry are apparent in her latest collaborative project illustrating Marvels Hit-Girl comic book. Hit-Girl gave Pernille the chance to work with prolific comic book writer Mark Millar MBE as well as multi-faceted creative film maker, actor, and comedian, Kevin Smith, creator of Mallrats and the Clerks series. In recent years, Pernille has published two gallery style books: Blush and Coral, with the latter featuring an engaging foreword by Kevin Smith.

Art Side of Life chats to Pernille Ørum, about her best advice for beginner artists: seek feedback and accept the criticism.

Pernille has her own Art of book published with 3dtotal and has contributed to Character Design Quarterly, including issue 4, for which she designed the colourful cover.

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