VODCAST: An interview with Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion

Raised in France, illustrator Pascal Campion studied Narrative Illustration at Ecole des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg. He has had roles in Hawaii as a commercial 2d artist and director, and senior visual artist in San Francisco. Pascal had an early role in the movie Klaus, helping to set the visual bible for the movie. Work in visual development includes movies Moana, Mr Peabody and Sherman, Penguins of Madagascar, and others. Pascal lives in LA, California with his wife and three children, where freelance clients include DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Marvel Comics, and others.

In this interview, Pascal takes us through his professional journey, trademark style, and techniques, plus tells us what we can find in his artbook, The Art of Pascal Campion.

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