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The Art of Pascal Campion - special anniversary edition

The Art of Pascal Campion - special anniversary edition

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This is a signed book by Pascal Campion featuring a dust jacket, set of 3 postcards, double sided bookmark and a free mini print.

This fun, thought-provoking book is bursting with the characters and settings for which Pascal Campion is so well known. His much-loved daily drawings and captivating comic strips reveal an artist with much to offer in addition to his images. Kitty Cat and Manly Man are key characters, as is Manly Man’s family and even little Milo, the duck. Providing valuable insight into his workflow and techniques, this is a book that will be loved by Pascal’s fans and newcomers alike.

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This is a signed book by Pascal Campion featuring a dust jacket, set of 3 postcards, double sided bookmark and a free mini print.

Follow Pascal Campion’s authentic and relatable depictions of life as a freelance artist, family man, and human being just making his way through life! Pascal traces his path through school and college, living and working in different locations, and meeting his wife. He also tracks his progress through key industry roles and the development of his trademark art and comic strips. His “Sketch Of the Day” project on Instagram attracts over 860K followers to Pascal’s characters and stories. He digs deep to pinpoint how his style and skills have evolved, and case studies and tips on storytelling will delight artists who want to pursue this side of their own art. With extensive galleries of his work, it’s a book for Pascal fans and newcomers alike.

Enter the dynamic, fun, fascinating, and thought-provoking world of Pascal Campion and enjoy beautifully printed pages featuring his famous comic strips, stunning artwork, and entertaining doodles. Discover the techniques - such as storytelling, lighting, and brush choices – that Pascal employs to such great effect.

Hardback 152 pages
Dimensions: 270mm x 230mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-66-4

Special features

This is a signed book by Pascal Campion featuring a dust jacket, set of 3 postcards, double sided bookmark and a free mini print.

About the artist

Raised in France, illustrator Pascal Campion studied Narrative Illustration at Ecole des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg. He has had roles in Hawaii as a commercial 2d artist and director, and senior visual artist in San Francisco. Pascal had an early role in the movie Klaus, helping to set the visual bible for the movie. Work in visual development includes movies Moana, Mr Peabody and Sherman, Penguins of Madagascar, and others. Pascal lives in LA, California with his wife and three children, where freelance clients include DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Marvel Comics, and others.


Customer Reviews

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Storytelling is life

I used a translator for this review, so if something strange is written, it's not my fault ;)

Pascal certainly cares about storytelling.
He cares a lot and this is a great thing because often he isn't given due importance, when in fact everything is based on this. Excellent storytelling, combined with terrible drawing, can leave a lot behind.
Bad storytelling paired with excellent drawing...will quickly be forgotten.
And Pascal definitely doesn't have terrible drawing, but he also has great storytelling :)


3D Total Publishing truly has an impressive book collection. I didn't know one could get love bombed by books but it really happened to me, cross my heart and hope to die!

Their collections have outstanding quality, not only in reference to content, layout and design but also in the physical quality of the books themselves.

I find their content to be spot on and relevant to art today, as a multi layered medium that ties together hands on craftsmanship with the complexity of high level digital artistry. The books are rich in the “know how” and give a pallet of styles from a collection of professional artists.

I was surprised by the level of detail around their products, many books included a complimentary high quality print of the artist work, and some books were autographed by the artist themselves. What a treat!

Their customer service is impeccable and personal. I was really aware that there is a human on the other side, funny how the absence of AI can make a human feel valued.

Amazing book

Amazing book, but the cover doesn’t make it justice: please change the type used in the cover, maybe could do with a more dynamic scene — the book is 5 star brilliant.


Good delivery of an excellent product


it came quickly and in great condition!