3dtotal is undergoing a refresh

Times and the way the internet is used have changed, and social media has rapidly developed into the primary channel for emerging artists. We have therefore made the difficult decision to refocus our organisation and concentrate on our publishing operations.  This means that after 11th December 2023, our galleries will no longer be accessible.

From 1st September 2023 we will no longer be accepting new submissions to the Gallery and you will have until 11th December 2023 to download any artwork that you may want to keep from your account. We wish you all the best, as we look to continue our support for developing artists through inclusion in our books and magazines and future ventures, here at https://store.3dtotal.com.

Where are the galleries and tutorials?

Our galleries and tutorials can still be accessed at our old site:-


We are sorry to leave you disappointed, but glad that we brought the fun for a while there!

The 3dtotal Team

Bad choice.
You could leverage the popularity in a difderent way to maintain exposure and traffic for your publisging. Now you’re (the domain and landingpage) just another eshop that I can forget about ever visiting again.You’ll learn the hardway I guess. It’s been fun while it lasted.


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