3dtotal is undergoing a refresh

Times and the way the internet is used have changed, and social media has rapidly developed into the primary channel for emerging artists. We have therefore made the difficult decision to refocus our organisation and concentrate on our publishing operations.  This means that after 11th December 2023, our galleries will no longer be accessible.

From 1st September 2023 we will no longer be accepting new submissions to the Gallery and you will have until 11th December 2023 to download any artwork that you may want to keep from your account. We wish you all the best, as we look to continue our support for developing artists through inclusion in our books and magazines and future ventures, here at https://store.3dtotal.com.

Where are the galleries and tutorials?

Sadly, our galleries, tutorials and news are now completely shut down.


You can still check out the Free section of our shop for downloadable resources, or any of our helpful Beginner’s Guide books, if you want to try your hand at digital art!


saddened to see the galleries and tutorials gone. figured id try to teach myself some digital art again for the 1000th time…. oh well, on to something else I suppose.


Well, It was fun while it lasted on this website. At least the memories will last forever.
Newhere (The Old One) Digital Toys

Newhere Digital Toys

Please bring back the tutorials. 3ds Max Joan of Arc was my favorite.

Nathan Williams

It is said to here that your tutorial pages are now down, I learnt everything from your tutorials all the magnificent artists and all their wealth of knowledge have really helped me in my journey as a 3d artist I will always be grateful.

I will always be grateful I have around 70 to 80 3d total ebooks.Good bye, thank you so much 15 years I have been able to improve thanks to you.

Ahmed Shakib

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