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2DArtist Back Issues - 2006 (Download Only)

2DArtist Back Issues - 2006 (Download Only)

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All 12 issues of 2DArtist Magazine published in 2006.

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Issue 001 Tutorials:The Corridor Concept, Elements Digital Painting Series, The Making Of ‘Wake Up Baby' & ‘Bird Catcher'.
Interviews:Fredric St. Amaud, Marc Simonetti, Stephane Belin, Imaginary Friends.
Reviews:Painter 9.
Galleries:Some of the best 2d Digital artworks around today.
Issue 002 Tutorials:The Corridor Concept part 2, Elements digital painting series part 2- trees, Photoshop curves tutorial, The making of'My World by Noah' Samurai by Abuze, Equilibrium by Henning Ludvigsen, & Fresh Mear by Andreas Rocha.
Interviews:Fredric St. Amaud, Marc Simonetti, Stephane Belin, Imaginary Friends.
Article:Dimitri Delacovias on 2D Digital Matte Painting.
Reviews:Christian Scheurers unique ‘Entropia' Book plus win a signed copy with this month's competition.
Galleries:Some of the best 2d Digital artworks around today.
Issue 003 Tutorials:Jade Fox, Approaches to colouring series part 1 - soft colouring, Elements Digital Painting Series Part 3- Fabrics, & Fox Fire
Interviews:Kuang Hong, Matt Dixon, Eduardo Schaal, & Dan Wheaton
Making Of's:Many are calling for help in the silence ‘V-Rex'
Galleries:Some of the best 2d Digital artworks around today
Issue 004 Tutorials:Approaches to coloring series part 2, process of doom, elements, rock & stone by Richard Tilbury & vinegar.
Interviews:Aurore, Kerem Beyit, Patrick Jensen
Making Of's:Faysums by Benita Winckler, I might smile tomorrow by Aqua Sixio, Pat and Pirate by Patrick Jenson, The Park by Daarken.
Galleries:Featuring Daarken, Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, Komel Ravadits, Kim Taylor, Simon Dominic, Graven Tung, Aqua Sixio, Rafael Grassetti Talo, Satoshi Yamamoto, Tuna Ferit Hidayetoglu
Issue 005 Tutorials:Approaches to Colouring Series - General Colouring, Creating Custom Brushes, Elements Digital Painting Series, Water surface, waves and waterfalls.
Interviews:Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, and Jessy Veileux.
Articles:Massive Black & Workshop.
Making Of's:Boudicca 3060, Seheiah, Spirit Rising & Scythe Wolf.
Galleries:Some of the best 2d Digital artworks around today.
Issue 006 Tutorials:King Kong, Pier Duty, Elements - Fire & Smoke, & Fiery Explosion.
Interviews:Vinegar, & Kim Taylor.
Making Of's:So, you really think I'm too fat?, Lord Fredrickson, & Digital Art Masters Masquerade.
Galleries:Featuring, Ken Wong, Graven Tung, Waheed Nasir, Philip Straub, Michael Hideux, Marek Hlavaty, Daniela Uhlig, Kuang Hong, Benita Winckler & Andrew Hou.
Issue 007 Tutorials:King Kong - Part 2 of 3, Fantasy Budapest Matte Painting & Elements- Fur & Hair.
Interviews:Kornel Ravadits & Riana Miller.
Making Of's:Blue Dragon, Blue, & Digital Art Masters Breath.
Galleries:10 of the best 2D digital artworks.
Issue 008 Tutorials:King Kong part 3 of 3, Elements Digital Painting Series - Eyes.
Interviews:Oliver Derouetteau, & Emrah Elmasli.
Articles:From real brush to Digital Stylus.
Making Of's:Sirens by Jimi Benedict, Angel Attack! By Daniele Bigi, Mephistophelia by Ivan Mijatov, Captain of the Guard by Eric Wilkerson.
Galleries:10 of the best 2D digital artworks.
Issue 009 Tutorials:Painting Female Face, Elements Digital Painting Series - Skin.
Interviews:Benita Winckler, & Daniela Uhlig.
Articles:Alien Vs Predator, & Inferno.
Making Of's:Beast by Yu Cheng Hong, Mining Machine by Tomas Muller.
Galleries:10 of the best 2D digital artworks.
Issue 010 Tutorials:How to paint a Landscape, how to paint clouds and how to paint ice.
Interviews:Mikko Kinnunen, Stephan Stolting, Ryohei Hase.
Making Of's:Baby Sitter by Roy Stein, Jealous Bodyguard by Andrew Berends & Set out for Lover by T.G. Jay.
Galleries:Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg, Sasha Podgorny, Andrew Berends, T.G. Jay, Roy Stein, JF Bruckner, Vijoi Daniel Lulian, Asaf Damti, Hoang Nguyen, Tomas Muller.
Issue 011 Tutorials:Creating a 2D Image from scratch & The Importance of Refrences.
Interviews:Tomas Muller, Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg, & Matt Haley.
Articles:Creatively Self Employed, Lemmings.
Making Of's:Making Of Wizard, Lioness & rocky Rock.
Galleries:10 of the best images from around the World.
Issue 012 Tutorials:Cornelius - Colouring in a carbon style, Tuc Tuc Concept Painting & Painting Armour.
Interviews:Thierry "BARONTIERI” Doizon, Tim Flattery, Tom Arthur Opasinski, Jean-Marie Vives.
Articles:Creatively Self Employed, & Massive Black Workshop.
Making Of's:Hex, The Devils Fountain & Mea Culpa.
Galleries:10 of the best 2D digital artworks.


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