2DArtist Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)
2DArtist Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)
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2DArtist Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)

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All 12 issues of 2DArtist Magazine published in 2007.


Issue 001 Tutorials:Creating a brush from scratch in Photoshop, Painting Armour part 2 ‘Roamn Soldier'
Interviews:Mike Corriero, Coro, Abrar Ajmal & Hoang Nguyen
Articles:Creatively Self Employed - Good business, Inspiring Advice for Artists.
Making Of's:Emmett, Pardon Me!, Alien Preist
Galleries:Bjorn Wirtz, Simon Legrand, Tuna Ferit, Hidayetoglu, Vitaly Samarin Alexius & More!
Issue 002 Tutorials:Custom Brushes, Painting Armour, & The illusion of 3D
Interviews:Melanie Delon, JF Bruckner, Stephan martinier, & Arnold Tsang
Articles:Sketchbook with John Upchurch & Host in the shell 2
Making Of's:Amy Lee Portrait, Beautiful, & Silent Prayer
Galleries:featuring Katarina Sokolova, Adam Vehige, Christophe Vacher & More
Issue 003 Tutorials:Creating Brushes from custom objects, Speed Painting & Creating the Illusion of 3D in Photoshop
Interviews:Marc Brunet, Bjorn Wirtz, Lorin Wood, & Vitaly S Alexius
Articles:Sketchbook Katarina by Katarina Sokolova
Making Of's:Spray IT, Dragon & Spanish Girl
Galleries:John Kearney, Philip Straub, Glen Angus, John Wu & many more
Issue 004 Tutorials:Custom Brushes ‘Chamber', Speed painting ‘ Forest Fire' & Painting Male Portraits
Interviews:John Wu, Philip Straub, Bjorn Borkur Eriksson, & John Roc Upchruch
Articles:Concept Art of Mark Goerner & Company 3 Pushes DI to new limits in 300
Making Of's:Robyn a traditional pencil drawing, Ply Spell & Under the root, my kingdom
Galleries:Featuring Xiao Bing, Sergey Musin, Kuang Hong, Daniela Uhlig, & More!
Issue 005 Tutorials:Custom Brushes, Speed painting, Colouring Line Drawings & Sub-Surface Scattering
Interviews:Evan Shipard, Carl Critchlow & Dan Scott
Articles:The Sketchbook of Khan Muftic AKA ‘Chupacabra' & Manga Animation Books
Making Of's:Rejuvenator of the Human Flame, Hecate, & Another rainy Day
Galleries:Andy Park, Ryohei Hase, Joe Slucher, Danny Antivalidis & More!
Issue 006 Tutorials:Custom Brushes & Speed Painting: ‘Tornado Moving towards A Farm'
Interviews:Beet, Cole Eastburn & Andy Park
Articles:The Sketchbook of DPI Stuidos ‘Embrio and Jaysin'
Making Of's:Taishu, Sumon Infinity & Lava Swimmer
Galleries:Dominus Elf, Philip Straub, Thomas Pringle & More!!
Issue 007 Tutorials:Our new tutorial series ‘ Using 3D as a starting point for a Digital Painting & more!
Interviews:Jeremy Mohler, Derick Tsai, brenton Cottman & more…!
Articles:Imaginary Friends Studios & more…!
Making Of's:Cold sky & Self Version
Galleries:Andrew Hou, Cyril Van Der Haegen, Stuart Jennett & more…!
Issue 008 Tutorials:Custom Brushes, Speed painting, Using 3D & How to Paint hair
Interviews:Anthony Cournoyer, Stuart Jennett, Udon Entertainment (Studio) & Steve Argyle
Articles:Min Yum's Sketch book & ‘What tells you when a piece of work is complete?
Making Of's:‘Finding Unknown Kadath' by Sergey Musin & ‘Renaissance' by Marco Bauriedel
Galleries:Featuring Cyril Van Der Haegen, Stuart Jennett, Thomas pringle & More!
Issue 009 Tutorials:Custom Brushes, Speed Painting, & New Elements - Weather - Sandstorms
Interviews:Kev Chu, Cyril Van Der Haegen & Daryl Mandryk
Articles:Sketchbook of Jeff Jenny, The Concept art for Darksector & Dream projects
Making Of's:Funfair by Daniela Uhlig
Galleries:David Revoy, David Smit, Erich Schreiner, Joe Slucher & More!
Issue 010 Tutorials:Custom Brushes, Speed Painting, & Elements- Weather & Twisters
Interviews:John Wallin Liberto, Kieran Yanner, Bruno Werneck & Jim Murray
Articles:Sketchbook of Francis Vallejo, Matte to Web & Inspirations
Making Of's:‘Howling Digital Painting', ‘The Taming of Naas' & ‘Transformers - Deathblow'
Galleries:Kerem Beyit, Kieran Yanner, Lorin Wood, Shilin Huang & more!
Issue 011 Tutorials:Elements: Weather by Carlos Cabrera, Painting Lips Worth Kissing by Anne Pogoda
Interviews:Elena Sedova, Dr CM Wong, Nathaniel West & Dwayne Vance
Articles:Infinite Oz's, Tin Man, Skecthbook by Noi Inthavong & more!
Making Of's:‘Speed Runners' by Joel Carlo & ‘Work makes One Free' by Brian Recktenwald
Galleries:Benita Winckler, David Munoz Velazquez, Bruno werneck & more!
Issue 012 Tutorials:Speed Painting: Alien Hot Air Balloons, Elements: Snowstorm, plus more!
Interviews:Jason (Wei Che) Juan, Morgan Yon & Luis Melo
Articles:Sketchbook of Matt Dangler & ‘ What artwork has moved you?
Making Of's:‘Visiting Mother-in-law' by denis Zilber & ‘Hatefull Draft' by james Wolf Strehle
Galleries:Daniel Ljunggren, Robin Olasusson, John Wallin Liberto, plus more!
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