2DArtist Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)
2DArtist Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)
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2DArtist Back Issues - 2014 (Download Only)

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All 12 issues of 2DArtist Magazine published in 2014.


Issue 097 Master concept game art
From traditional to digital
Discover the art of gothic figures
The gallery
Create depth and space:
Tips for crafting fantasy buildings
Discover how to depict emotions
Master narrative scenes
Paint perfect woodland textures
Digital art master: Michał Sawtyruk

Issue 098 Mastering sci-fi concepts
Bringing video game characters to life
Sketching to explore 3D forms
The gallery
Get to grips with integrating photos
Learn to paint with photo textures
Top tips for creating narratives
Crafting sci-fi scenes
Discover the art of scale and perspective
Develop your digital painting skills
Digital art master: B. Börkur Eiríksson

Issue 099 Breaking into the industry
Explore fantasy narratives
The gallery
Learn to balance compositions
Design strong lighting schemes
Top tips for painting caricatures
Mastering portraits in Painter
Create dynamic sci-fi scenes
Digital art master: William Wu

Issue 100 Behind the doors of Steambot Studios
Sketching fantasy
100 top industry tips
The gallery
Create a cover with a narrative
Design new world concepts
Master the art of caricature creation
Speed painting with silhouettes
Experiment with brushes
Digital Art Master: Michal Lisowski

Issue 101 Produce digital art for games
Sketching organic female forms
The gallery
Paint portraits with custom brushes
Discover how to light a midday scene
Learn to paint standout features in Photoshop
Depict interesting light effects
Create a dynamic character
Digital Art Master: Alex Tiani

Issue 102 Make it as a concept artist
Transform your sketches
The gallery
Sketching with texture brushes
Adapt interior lighting conditions
Caricature painting tips
Master atmospheric lighting effects
Create creature concepts
Design narrative compositions
Digital Art Master: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Issue 103 The art of painting portraits
The secrets of 3D paintovers
Sketching concepts
The gallery
Create custom photo brushes
Master lighting scenarios
Transform your line art
Techniques for painting fire
Learn to paint mecha girls
Digital Art Master: Serge Birault

Issue 104 Get started as a concept artist
Mastering character art
Keep a sketch diary
The gallery
Explore coloring techniques
Design an artificial lighting set-up
Build a city with textures
Create cool water brushes
Learn to paint atmospheric scenes
Digital Art Master: Michel Donzé

Issue 105 Craft a career in concept art
Inspirational game art
Sketch surreal concepts
The gallery
Learn texture skills
Master the 2.5D parallax effect
Design industrial scenes
Paint fantasy portraits
Create stylized characters
Digital Art Master: Esben Rasmussen

Issue 106 Breathtaking sci-fi concepts
Atomhawk’s spacecraft concept art
Fantastical character drawings
The gallery
Sketch a fantasy character
Paint powerful pin-ups
Create creature custom brushes
Build a scene with photos
Digital Art Master: Fenghua Zhong

Issue 107 The secret to ethereal masterpieces
Sketch sci-fi concepts
The gallery
Design a desert vehicle
Build a sci-fi city
Render stylized pin-ups
Lighting a dynamic character
Digital Art Master: Gilles Beloeil

Issue 108 Become a concept artist:
Sketching characters in Photoshop
The gallery
Design and draw fantasy creatures
Master the art of painting pin-ups
Craft concept car designs
Speed paint underwater scenes
Create atmospheric interior scenes
Sketching from the Imagination: Fantasy - Ed Binkley

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