2DArtist: Issue 129 - September 2016 (Download Only)

2DArtist: Issue 129 - September 2016 (Download Only)

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CDQ24 is next cdq issue, product sku is 2DA129

Issue 129 is once again packed full of artist insights, inspiration, and brand new gallery artwork! We interview concept artist for AAA games Ned Rogers, and new environment artist Waqas Malik. We also showcase the sketches of Grzesiek Wroblewski, while taking a look at the distinctive portfolio of magazine and book illustrator Nader Sharaf.


Welcome to 2dartist issue 129!

In this month’s tutorials, Helen Norcott shows how to speed paint an underwater monster, and Katy Grierson demonstrates how you can use Photoshop and photo references to speed paint a seascape. Gina Nelson breaks down how she creates a vibrant character concept, and Markus Lovadina designs a bicycle used to generate power in a futuristic scene. Conor Burke also shows how to create an original fantasy battle shaman character!


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Author : 3DTotal.com Ltd
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Light drenched environments: Art director Glenn Porter discusses his exciting career in concept art and animation
Building an impressive portfolio Ned Rogers discusses how developing a strong personal portfolio has boosted his career
Atmospheric environment concepts Videogame artist Waqas Malik showcases his moody, realism-inspired works
Perceptive traditional illustrations Multimedia illustrator Nader Sharaf showcases his fascinating and intuitive artworks
Intricate moleskin drawings Discover the complex, tangled drawings inside Grzesiek Wroblewski’s sketchbook
Gallery Ten new inspiring artworks from artists including Romain Jouandeau and Anton Fedotov
Speed paint an underwater monster Learn how to paint an atmospheric underwater scene with Helen Norcott
Design a bicycle power generator Use Photoshop tools to illustrate a functional mech design
Design a battle shaman Learn to create a cool fantasy character in a Viking themed costume
Speed paint a realistic seascape Discover how to paint a real world seascape at sunset in only two hours
Creating a vibrant character concept Gina Nelson demonstrates how she developed her concept for The Shadow Keeper
Digital Art Master: Juan Pablo Roldan See how Juan Pablo Roldan used a new process to create an explosive sci-fi scene