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3DCreative Back Issues - 2005/06 (Download Only)

3DCreative Back Issues - 2005/06 (Download Only)

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All 16 issues of 3DCreative Magazine published in 2005 and 2006.

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Issue 001 Cover Story:Green Valley- the amazing fantasy world of Wei wei hua
Interviews:Paul Taylor, director of ‘In the Rough' and ‘Aunt Luisa' // K.M. Costa CafeFx's award winning new character artist
Tutorials:Joan of Arc, Remade for Maya, LW, C4D & XSI // The Corridor, by Richard Tilbury for 3ds Max // Warrior, a project overview by Jukka Tahtinen
Articles:Siggraph 2005, all the news from this year's event in LA // A Career in 3d, So you want a job in the 3D CG industry?
Issue 002 Cover Story:Dear Anne, Dario Piccau's latest Animated Feature ‘Dear Anne, the Gift of Hope' is explored in this exclusive interview.
Interviews:Michel Roger, Exclusive interview with the Altitude Studio's artist // Pär Tingström, Starbreeze Studios Swedish artist
Tutorials:Joan of Arc, Continuing tutorials remade for Maya, LW, C4D & XSI // The Corridor, by Richard Tilbury for 3ds Max // Vladoom, Creature modeling by Ervald Kullolli for 3ds Max //Porsche 356, Car Modeling by Karibo Legiwaila for 3ds Max
Articles:A Career in 3D, This month we deal with the important task of Preparing a Show reel & Portfolio
Issue 003 Cover Story:Hugues Giboire, Continuing our ‘Careers in the CG Computer Industry series, we have an exclusive interview with Ninja Theory Studio's Creative Director Hugues Giboire
Interviews:Chris Neuhahn, Creator of the Vacant Planet series talks to 3DCreative // James Ku, Exclusive Interview // Jorge Baldeon, Exclusive Interview
Tutorials:Joan of Arc, Continuing Tutorials for Maya, XSi, C4d & LW // The Corridor, The last part of this texturing tutorial // Rio Grande, The Making of Rio Grande by Andrey Yamkovoy // Porsche 356, Part 2 of this Car Modeling tutorial by Karabo Legwaila
Articles:Toy Story is 10!, The Movie that started it all is 10 years old this month
Issue 004 Cover Story:Alligatoon, Franck Demollière & Laurent Davené talk to us about projects past, present and future
Interviews:JJ Mortimer, A Master in Creature Design and creation // Raul Reznek, amazing work from this 19 year old student
Tutorials:Joan of Arc, Continuing Tutorial for Maya, LW, XSI & C4D // The Corridor, Final part - Adding wear and tear // Creature, Poly modeling with Akbar Gharabigli // Porsche 356, Car modeling with Karabo Legwaila
Articles:Game Art, Riccard Linde talks to us about his new book
Issue 005 Cover Story:Rebecca Puebla, This is a brief "making of "about her last work "Sangyeng”. Which shows some samples of modeling, as well as the parameters of renders, lights and shades?
Interviews:Digital Tutors, An interview with the training DVD guru's // J. Defontaine, Self taught and now a Freelancer, Jaques talks to us // Raphael Lacoste, interview with the Art Director for Ubisoft
Tutorials:Texturing, Our new Texturing Master class series starts this month // Joan of Arc, Part 5 of the continuing Tutorial // Porsche 356, the Final part - interior and wheels
Articles:Any Road, Francois Vogels LEXUS "Any Road” Spot
Issue 006 Cover Story:You're Views; Let us know how we can meet your needs
Interviews:Heber Alvarado, Creature Modeler for Propaganda // Rick Ramos, Brazilian freelancer with ambition
Tutorials:Master class, Texturing a Human Head // Joan of Arc, part 6 of 8 of this ongoing monster // Mental Ray, DGS Exploited for Maya
Articles:Underworld, Luma's Creatures and Environments // Chasing Demons PYSOP chases down a demon dodge
Making Of's:This Little Pinkie, Sylvester and Tweetie by Scott Morgan // Evolutionary, The Evolutionary small creature by Hodong La
Issue 007 Cover Story:Compositing, Mixing Pyro Footage, photography and CGI
Interviews:Olga Antonenko, Matte Painter & Compositing Artist // Rebeca Puebla, 3D Artist for Zinkia Entertainment // Matt Westrup, Asylum 3D Talk to 3D Creative
Tutorials:Master class, Texturing a Human Head part 2 by Richard Tilbury // Physical Light, For Mental Ray (Maya) part 2 by florian Wild // Joan of Arc, part 7 of 8: Eyes & Skin & Hair
Articles:Darkastle, The Spectacular ‘Next Gen' theme park ride // Nissan Murano, Stardust's talents soar in to a new campaign
Making Of's:The Odd father, project overview by Peter Sussi // Hanuman, project overview by Udom Ruangpaisitpom // Chameleon, Project overview by Anna Celarek
Issue 008 Cover Story:Richard Rosenman, Head of 3D at Red Rover, Canada
Interviews:A. Kutscherauer, 3D Visualization Artist // Eden Lab, Turin Based Studio
Tutorials:Masterclass, Texturing a Scene part 1 by Richard Tilbury // Mental Ray, part 3 of our ongoing series for Maya. // Joan of Arc, the 8th and final part
Articles:Compositing, More digital compositing from Hasraf Dulull
Making Of's:Nokia N90, by Ali Ismail // Deep Fish, By Olga Antonenko // Kameswaran Iyer by Prashant Sadaphule
Issue 009 Cover Story:Sword Master, Modeling the Head - part 1 of 8
Interviews:Fred Bastide, Self-taught and Monster obsessed! // Juan Siquier 3D Modeler and texture painter
Tutorials:Masterclass, Texturing a Scene part 2 //Alpine A443, Car modeling by d'Ettorre Olivier-Thomas part 1 //Integrating 3D, objects into 2D environments by Neil Maccormack
Articles:Eve Online, CCP's Kari Gunnarsson
Making Of's:Nintendo, by Michael Knap // Furniture cluster, by Mathias Koehler
Issue 010 Cover Story:Fin D'ete, we take a look at this amazing indie movie
Interviews:Adel Adili, Managing Director of Taharan
Tutorials:Master class, Low poly character Texturing part 1 of 2. // Alpine A443, Car modeling tutorial part 2 of 3. // Rigging, The rigging for ‘Moosah & Chub'. // Sword Master, part 2 of 6 - Modeling The Torso
Articles:Cars, The latest Disney Pixar offering // Stardust, Their latest work on the Nike Basketball Spot // King Kong, A short history of a giant movie star
Making Of's:Gullwing, Making of by Hrvoje Rafael. // Roof Garden, Making of by Lukasz Szeflinski. // The Fatman, by Omar Sarmiento from Digital Art Masters
Issue 011 Cover Story:Ice Age 2, Interview and in depth article
Interviews:Rich Diamant, Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog. // Mihai Anghelescu, 3D Modeler for Electronic Arts Blackbox. // Richard Minh Le, 3D Artist at RushWright Associates
Tutorials:Master class, Final part of low poly character texturing. // Alpine A443, Final part of the car modeling tutorial. // Science of Colour, Tutorial by Richard Minh Le. // Sword Master Part 3 - Modeling The Arms And Legs.
Articles:Breaking Scion, Attiks latest work for scion. // Codehunters, Axis animation go hunting in Asia
Making Of's:Comatules, Making of by Jean-Marc Labal. // Captain, Making of by Stephan (o)ne Grakov. // Europa, Making of by Sao Lee. // Digital Art Masters, Arabian Warrior Horse by Khalid Al-Muharraqi
Issue 012 Cover Story:Are you Normal? Normal mapping explained! By expert artist Misia Baas of Gorilla in Holland
Interviews:Andrea Bertaccini, Tredistudio Co-Founder. // Dave Davidson, The ex-Chef Turned Architectural master. // Axis Animation, Glasgow (Scotland) Based Animation Studio
Tutorials:Master class, Cartoon & Stylized character part 1 of 3. // Sword Master, Part 4 - Modeling The Hair & Clothing. // Normal Mapping, Secrets of Normal Mapping Explained
Articles:Transformers, Cult classic gets the teaser trailer treatment! // Colour Series, Part 2 by Richard Minh Le. // Da Vinci Code, Double Negatives VFX work on the recent film
Making Of's:Other Worlds, Exclusive content from Digital Art Masters. // Mercedes S-Class by Ali Ismail
Issue 012 Cover Story:Happy Birthday, We are one! Thanks for all your support
Interviews:Grzesiek Jonkajtys, On Directing his latest Movie ‘The Ark'. // Erick Miller, Author and Industry Veteran
Tutorials:Master class, Texturing Low Poly Cartoon character part 1. // Sword Master, Part 5 - Modeling the armor
Articles:Batman Begins, Behind the CG for the Dark Knight's Return. // Colour Tutorial, part 3 by Richard Minh Le
Making Of's:Made In Saturno, By David Munoz Velazquez. // Magic Fluff, by Y.Soner Yurtseven. // White Teeth by Jonathan Simard
Issue 012 Cover Story:Monster House, We Interview VFX Supervisor Jay Redd
Interviews:Justin Lassen, Composer and Digital art fanatic. // S.Schoellhammer, 3D Artist…Will travel… // Buck Studios, LA and now New York
Tutorials:Master class, Texturing Stylized & Cartoon Character part 3. // Sword Master, Part 6 - Mapping & Unwrapping
Articles:Siggraph 2006, Full Roundup of the CG event of the year
Making Of's:Rusty, by Cesar Alejandro Montero Orozco. // Flower, By Xu Fei. // Upside Down, By mathisas Koehler
Issue 012 Cover Story:Star Wards, A History of the Special Effects
Interviews:Liam Kemp, Maxim featured ‘Cyberbabe' creator & 3D Artist. // Rodrigue Pralier, Next-Gen character creator foe EA in Montreal. // Loose Moose, Traditional Animation Studio Breaking into 3D
Tutorials:Realistic Skin, Using Zbrush, 3dsmax and mental ray. // Zbrush Top Secret, Top Secret ZBrush Tips from Wayne A. Robson. // Studio Lighting, Traditional Techniques to better your renders! // Sword Master, Part 7 - Texturing the skin and hair
Articles:Harry Potter, Sneak preview of the CG for the new film
Making Of's:Surfer Dude, Project Overview by Eric Prowan. // Bad Kitty, Project Overview by Tama's To'thfalussy
Issue 012 Cover Story:Lemmings, Interview with Team 17
Interviews:Patrick Beaulieu, Ubisoft character artist. // Manuel Macha, Lucasfilm Animation Company, Singapor B.V. // Shilo Design, Emmy Award winning creative studio
Tutorials:Modeling, For animating by Nicolas Collings. // Ford Focus WRC, Lighting & Rendering for Cars in Mental Ray. // Sword Master, the final part of our tutorial series
Articles:Robots, Looking behind the scenes
Making Of's:Mazinger Z, Project Overview by Angel Nieves. // Jungle Mecha, Project Overview by Jeremiah Strong. // Smoking Creature, Project Overview by Marco Menco. // Thinker, Project Overview by Marcin Solarz


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