3DCreative Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)
3DCreative Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)
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3DCreative Back Issues - 2007 (Download Only)

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CDQ23 is next cdq issue, product sku is 3dc-bk-2007

All 12 issues of 3DCreative Magazines from 2007.


Issue 017 Cover Story:Bingo Studio, Shanghai's offering to the Future of CG Art
Interviews:Michael Van Den Bosch, Freelance Illustrator
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc, for 3dsmax, Maya, C4D, LW & XSi. // Posing & Rigging, with 3DStudio Max bipeds by Wayne A. Robson
Articles:Those Chairs, making the Short Movie. // Flushed Away, Dreamworkss & Ardman Combine. // Inspiring Advice, Industry Expert Advice for all!
Making Of's:Revolution, Project Overview by Zhang Yang. // Ford Mustang, Project Overview by Zdenek Urbanek
Issue 018 Cover Story:Generation 7, A New series of Articles Delves Deep into the art and technology of next generation consoles and games
Interviews:Peter Sanitra, Senior CG Artist at Images FX. // Anders Lejczak, Project Manager & CG Vetran
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc, Part 2 for 3dsmax, Maya, C$D, LW, XSi. // Composition & Angels, Spencer Murphy continues his lessons…// Guide To Lighting, A complete Lightwave Lighting Guide. // RTSquare Render, The Free Renderer and how to use it
Articles:Digitally Cloned, Americas Next Top Model gets digitized. // Numberjacks, The Children's TV Series: CG for the Future. // Next Generation Games, This Month and Interview with Blitz Games
Making Of's:Madness, Project Overview by Marcin Solarz. // Say Cheese, Project Overview by Eric Provan. // Teleportation, Project Overview by Mihcal Konwicki
Issue 019 Cover Story:Bad to the bone, interview with Kosta Atansov the Bulgarian Artist who can't change light bulbs but can draw photorealistic ones with a ball point pen
Interviews:Marti Miller, 3D Artist from Estonia in Europe. // Robert Kuczera, Character Animator for Framestore CFC. // Kosta Atanasov, Bulgarian Electrician turned artist
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc, Part 3 for 3dsmax, Maya, C$D, LW, XSi. // The Art of Composition, Our continuing Traditional Skills Series
Articles:Moutons, Underwater Swimming Sheep. // Next Generation Games, with high moon studios. // Digging for Details, the Reconstruction of Ancient Mayan Ruins
Making Of's:Vespa, Project Overview by Jure Zagoricnik. // Mazda CX-9, Project Overview by Michael Seidl & Waldemar. // Ready To Fly, Project Overview by Adrian Baluta
Issue 020 Cover Story:Improve Your 3d, Every issue of 3d creative is packed with helpful tutorials & makings Of's and professional advice for all levels of 3D artists
Interviews:Pascal Blanche, Artist & 3D Visionary. // Khalid Al Muharraqi, Working on some of the world's biggest projects
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc, Part 4 for 3dsmax, Maya, C$D, LW, XSi. // Framing A Subject, Moe Photography Wisdom to Assist Your 3D. // Texturing Basics, Part 2 of our complete guide to lighting
Articles:Next Gen: Crackdown, Realtime Worlds Give Us an Exclusive Insight. // Tower Of Grantville, Buck Studios ‘Hilarious Short. // More Happy, Stardust Work on the new Pepsi Campaign
Making Of's:Tiny (Battle of the Planets), Project Overview by Chih-Han Hsu. // Knocked Out, Project Overview by Ilan Cohen. // Flower Messenger, project overview by Ziwen Zhang
Issue 021 Cover Story:Hunted, We have hunted down and captured the best artists for interviews, articles, tutorials, making of's, galleries, & Challenges for 3D Creative Magazine!
Interviews:Marco Spitoni, On his incredible short movie ‘Code: Guardian' . // Lukas Jevcakl, Lead Artist 10tacle studios. // Alessandro Baldasseroni, The Artist Responsible for this months cover!
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc, Part 5 for 3dsmax, Maya, C$D, LW, XSi. // Turtle Render, An introduction to the render software. //Guide To Lighting, Part 3 –Lighting Basics
Articles:Kane & Lynch : Dead Men, Next Gen Games Series with 10 interactive. // 3D Game Textures, Create professional game art using photoshop. // Geico Gecko, Framestore NY's New Spots
Making Of's:5 O'clock, project overview by Gustavo Sandrinni Groppo. // It's For You…. Project overview by Kevin Beckers (Tycane). // Fisherman In Town, Project Overvieww by Suresh Kumar
Issue 022 Cover Story:War !, All the information from the The Dominance War, Including the winners and interview Right Here!
Interviews:Matthieu Roussel, A 3D Artist with a unique style. // George Arevshatov, Digital Artist For Perfect Pixel Studio. //Jonathan Simard, Computer Games Animator
Tutorials:Tuc Tuc (final Part), Part 6 for 3dsmax, Maya, C$D, LW, XSi. // Complete Guide To Lighting, Exercises & Combining Basic Lighting Toolset
Articles:Dominance War, Gallery of Winners & Interviews. // To See or not to see, VFX Trends. // God of War II, Semo Logic Creates Cinematics
Making Of's:Corner Of Cobblestone, Project Overview by Wade Muller. // Hunter, Project Overview by Alessandro Baldasseroni. // The Lady Of Shalott, Project Overview by Zhang Yang
Issue 023 Cover Story:3D Environment Lighting, is our new 6 month Tutorial Series, which will be detailing techniques for a number of different conditions
Interviews:Romy Tesei, 3D Architectural & Visualization Artist. // Jeremy Roberts, Comic book & 3d illustrator. // K.Jun, Art Director for NC Soft
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Complete Guide TO Lighting, Free Downloads
Articles:Pirates Of The Caribbean, behind the scenes of the latest pirates of the Caribbean film. // Human Body 3D,3DS Max goes to medical school. // Fig Newtons,A52 Cinematic Features Animated. // Do You Think, We Find Out what 3D artists really think
Making Of's:Green Sea Turtle, Project Overview by Katrin Schmid. // Creature Model, Project Overview by Avinash Hegde. // Ferrari F-2000, Project Overview by Raymond Yang
Issue 024 Cover Story:What Tells you when …? Find out what 35 industry professionals said when we asked them, what tells when a piece of work is complete…?
Interviews:Onno Van Braam, Self taught 3D Artist From The Netherlands. // Carles Piles, CG Artist From Valencia, Spain. // Alex Huguet, Senior Character Artist and more!
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Advanced View, Camera Tutorial for high res rendering. // Guide To Lighting, Part 5: Daylight Advanced
Articles:Attik and Scion, Mutilate Conformity in New Campaign. // What Tells you when…? More Advice from 35 top artists.
Making Of's:Siren, Project Overview by Anna Celarek
Issue 025 Cover Story:Siggraph 2007, see what happened during the year's biggest CG conference
Interviews:Toni Bratincevic, Croatian 3D Artist. // Massimo Righi, Ex Bookshop Owner Turned 3D Freelancer
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Village in the mountain, A vue 6 Tutorial
Articles:Siggraph 2007, All the news from this year's expo. // Dream Projects, we asked artists about their dream projects
Making Of's:Snail, Project Overview by Anna Celarek
Issue 026 Cover Story:Inspiring Artists, from this month's interviews, to the galleries and the tutorials, everyone can find inspiration in this month's mag…
Interviews:The Light Works with Tobias Richter
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Candy Girl, Character Creation in ZBrush by Alex Huguet. // Guide To Lighting, Spinning Lights by Cesar Orozco
Articles:Product Visualization, How final render helped create watches. // What Inspired you, To become an Artist? We Ask 3DC Contributors
Making Of's:Night of the car, project overview by Christian Mihaescu. // Cheese Platter, Project Overview by Hau Ming (Jamie) Li.
Issue 027 Cover Story:Interview with James Busby an Ark VFX 3D Artist
Interviews:Sofa Studio, an Animation House Based in Taipei, Taiwan. // Racificom Multimedia, Interview with Darrell Ratliff
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Character Creation, Part 1 of Making Of a Next Gen Monster. // Speed Sculpting, Wayne Robson shows us how to ‘Speed Sculpt'
Articles:Halo 3, Method Studios Creates a New Experience. // How do you take time…?, Find out what 3D Artists had to say
Making Of's:Compass & Paperclip, Project Overview Volkan Kacar. // Drum Kit 101, Project Overview by Daniel Anderson
Issue 028 Cover Story:Loic E338 Zimmerman, Senior Character Artist for Quantic Dream
Interviews:Wiek Luijken, Animation Director for Axis Animation. // E338 Zimmerman, Senior Character Artist for Quantic Dream
Tutorials:3D Environment Lighting, for 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi, and Maya. // Character Creation, Part 2 of making of a next gen monster. // Guide To Lighting, Part 7 - Product studio by Cesar Orozco. // Post Production, Part 1 of our 2 part tutorial by Wayne Robson
Articles:Midway, a look at stranglehold and blacksite. // Cooking up Tofu, The Making of ‘Zombie Dearest' // The War Inside, Shilos Duet with angles & Airwaves. // What Art work, find out what 3D Artists Had to say
Making Of's:The Alchemist Room, Project Overview by Ognian Bonev
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