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3DCreative Back Issues - 2008 (Download Only)

3DCreative Back Issues - 2008 (Download Only)

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All 12 issues published in 2008.

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Issue 029 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series
Interviews:Andre Cantarel & Herbert Lowis
Articles:Snickers : ‘Robosoccer' and ‘Race' Spots for Russia
Making Of's:‘The Mirror' by Sergio Santos, Plus More!
Galleries:Javier Nunez, Till Nowak, Plus More!
Issue 030 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Daniel Moreno and Francois Rimasson
Articles:Plankton Invasion, Exquisite Corpse, Plus More!
Making Of's:Vantage at Dusk by Ian Brink, Plus More!
Galleries:Includes work from Richard Rosenman, Rick Xu, Plus more!
Issue 031 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Marek Denko, Neil Maccormac and Shilo
Articles:Screm, Axis Animations Grid, plus more!
Making Of's:Voice by Chris Carter, plus more!
Galleries:Simon Reeves, Pedro Conti and Chris Wilson, plus more !
Issue 032 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Marco Edel Rolandi, Eric Provan and Zoltan Korcsok
Articles:Maya Brings Animals To Life for Fido, Plus more!
Making Of's:Billy Bob by Richard Rosenman, Ella by Ziv Qual, plus more!
Galleries:Patrick Beaulieu, Jordan Walker, Matt Roussel, plus more!
Issue 033 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Mathieu Aerni, Unexpected & Franz Steiner
Articles:SWAY Studios latest campaign for Pontiac, Plus more!
Making Of's:Eco Wrestle by Simon Reeves Plus More!
Galleries:Greg Petchkovsky, Anton Bugaev & Malanjo, plus more !
Issue 034 Tutorials:New!!! Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Antonio Jose Gonzalez, Jelmer Boskma and Fox3D Studios
Articles:Dominance War III, 3D Printing, Headcases, plus more!
Making Of's:Ford Mustang Fastback `65 by Paslea Paul, plus more!
Galleries:Jonas Thornqvist, Roman Style, Jesse Sandifer, plus more!
Issue 035 Tutorials:Final part of the Bugatti Veyron Car Modeling Tutorial Series, plus more!
Interviews:Jonas Thornqvist, Neil Blevins, With a Twist Studio & Tim Appleby
Articles:Making Of Dominance War III Winning Entry by Dimitry Parkin, plus more!
Making Of's:1963 Auburn Speedster by Richard Clark, plus more!
Galleries:Tolga Gungor, Mauro Baldissera, Cheong Hoe Yi, plus more!
Issue 036 Tutorials:New!!! Texturing & Lighting Mega Tutorial Series - Part 1
Interviews:Rafael Grassetti & Jure Zagoricnik
Articles:Vancouver Film School & Maxon Body Paint in ‘The Incredible Hulk'
Making Of's:Pursuit of Perfection by Jesse Sandifer, plus more!
Galleries:Volkan Kacar, Nicolas Collings, Stephan Cooper, plus more!
Issue 037 Tutorials:New!!! Texturing & Lighting Mega Tutorial Series - Part 2
Interviews:Alan Camara & Eduardo Martin Julve
Making Of's:Back In memory by Esam Darweesh, plus more !
Galleries:Ciprian Andrus, Simon Blanc, & Volkan Kacar, plus more!
Issue 038 Tutorials:Speed Sculpting Amphibious Man/Woman, plus more!
Interviews:Oliver Ponsonnet & Sanjay Chand
Articles:Unexpected - Honda Spot & 3D-Io Games & Video Production
Making Of's:Drinks Girl by Rodrigo Banzato, plus more!
Galleries:Rafael Ghencev, Won Gyo Lee & Martin Carlsson, Plus more!
Issue 039 Tutorials:Speed sculpting- Creatures of the Night, Plus more!
Interviews:Simon Blanc, Rudolf Herczog, & Little red Robot
Articles:Mercanaries 2 ‘Ca$h' directed by Shilo
Making Of's:Enforcer by Olli Sorjonen, plus more!
Galleries:Chris Carter, Oliver Cannone, Den Fox, plus more!
Issue 040 Tutorials:Speed Sculpting - Four Legged Fantasy Dinosaur, plus more!
Interviews:Alex Oliver & Sebastien Sonet
Articles:Alter & Food Chain
Making Of's:Refrom by Donat Somogyi, plus more!
Galleries:Neil Macormack, Tomas Muller, Alexey Kashpersky, plus more!


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