3dtotal Anatomy: 3 piece set of male figures

3dtotal Anatomy: 3 piece set of male figures

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Get 2 reference postcards, plus a "making the most of your anatomy figure" video free with your order!

Sculpt, draw and understand the fundamental shapes and volumes that build up the male body with 3dtotal's male planar, skin, and écorché figure bundle...

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More about this anatomy figure

3dtotal Anatomy: male bundle – planar, skin and écorché figures

Sculpt, draw and understand the fundamental shapes and volumes that build up the male body with 3dtotal's male planar, skin, and écorché figure bundle...

Whether you use pencil and paper, paintbrushes, clay, or any form of digital art software, our figures will be invaluable if you want to understand the form and structure of human anatomy. The male écorché, skin, and planar reference figures are neutrally posed, athletic build males standing at 11-inches tall. The size and low price tag make these models perfect desktop references, while also maintaining all the detail you'll need.

The figure has been sculpted for 3dtotal by Dan Crossland, printed using a top quality 3D printer by Ownage, and then cast in grey resin to make the variation in the surfaces and directional flow of the muscles easy to see and understand.

Take care of your Anatomy Figure and do not leave in direct sunlight or discolouration may occur.

Get 2 reference postcards, plus a "making the most of your anatomy figure" video free with your order!

If you are a school, university or other centre for education, and would like to enquire about purchasing our range of anatomical models in bulk, please contact us at support@3dtotal.com

Product details
Cast in neutral grey resin
11-inches/27.5cm tall
Weight approx 340 grams per figure
Produced in China

Special Features

Get 2 reference postcards, plus a "making the most of your anatomy figure" video free with your order!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

i do not usually write reviews but I recently bought the 3 piece set for the male and female after pondering for some time. I have not regretted since, these figures are extremely well made, extremely solid and extremely well priced.I have Long been a 2D artist but have always wondered much about the anatomy of figure and have problem rendering it despite studying numerous books on human anatomy. The set is perfect because it has the 3 most important figures to study anatomy. First the planar helps anyone studying anatomy to simplify the complex human figure into simpler forms to understand. The ecorche model helps you to visualise and understand all the muscles in 3D without needing to dissect a real human body. And finally the full skinned figure is exactly what you will need because that is mostly what we are trying to render in our art so is a perfect reference.I have all six figures displaying on the table whenever i am doing my work so I am able to visualise it. I am also a beginner sculptor and this really helped me take my sculpting to the Next level as they are 3D. If u are still thinking if you should buy, you shouldnt, as this is something worth every cent.

A great reference tool for artists at all levels

The 3D anatomy models I have received are not only a precise reference for the human form in artistic work but they are also beautiful in themselves with harmonious proportions and elegant stature. Their size is handy and the grey satiny material looks like sensual clay.These models do not dispense the artist to learn and master anatomy but they hugely help and speed up the artistic creation process may it be sculpture or drawing.Referring to the 3D model allows to easily transpose mentally all the muscles and morphology directly on to the drawing or sculpture art work in progress giving a solid and concrete appreciation of interwoven forms as well as light and shade effects, from any point of view and for any type of lighting. When referring to the 3D model your anatomy knowledge immediately emerge and can be transposed to your art work following the usual steps: primary forms of large masses, secondary forms of muscles groups and tertiary forms of surface details. Personally, I found that this flow of work with reference to the 3D model hugely helps memorizing and prevents from hesitations in the representation of formand thus leads to a faster and safer development of my art work. The figures are of good quality and finely detailed.A great reference tool for artists at all levels.

Worth every quid (converted from AUD)

These solidly-built figures have been incredibly valuable in my creative practice. Each figure provides a strong model from which human variations can be drawn realistically. Although at first I was daunted by the high price tag of each figure, I took the plunge and ordered all six unique figures both male and female--and I must say, they're definitely worth their quid. Having multiple figures makes it significantly easier to make strong connections: between visible skin and hidden muscle, and (with both sets) between male and female. Along with skin and corch, the planar figure has been surprisingly useful as a volume-focused model, which helps simplify the placement of shadows or sketching with volumes.These figures have blown away my misconceptions of anatomy, and now stand on my desk as my guard against others that might mislead me.

Really helpful for learning process

Hello from Belgium !As a teacher in an art school,this set of three figures is a valuable aid to learn anatomy for scuplting, traditionnal as well as virtual, and to synthesize the forms for creating concept art in character design.This collection is amazingly well finished.Just go for it !

Helped a newbie a lot

I'm new to anatomy in sculpting (Zbrush) and these figures (and to a lesser extent the accompanying video) have immediately improved my results. I've found that it helps to have a 3D model rather than a 2D picture as reference.The models are also of excellent quality and look good on my desk where they can be constantly in view.