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3dtotal Anatomy: Male & female planar busts

3dtotal Anatomy: Male & female planar busts

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Simplify the human head into angular sections of shadow or light that represent the main landmarks and volumes required to convey an accurate face.

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More about this anatomy figure

Drawing and sculpting the human face from a photo reference or life can be tricky, particularly when you are trying to create an original concept or composition. There are so many curved and organic surfaces to consider and portray, meaning it can be easy to lose your way in your work or become frustrated. For years artists have been making this process more straightforward by working from planar references.

The male and female planar busts are designed to help you portray accurate proportions and offer a reference that can be used to generate many different character concepts or artworks for years to come. By lighting the planar reference from different directions or holding it at a slightly different angle you can generate an endless array of lighting conditions and points of view. This would be almost impossible with a photo reference or when drawing from life. The possibilities of what you can achieve with these busts are therefore endless.

To make it even easier to identify the key planes and landmarks, the busts are cast in a gray resin that generates a useful, contrasting surface. The head is also split into two halves: the left side features simplified planes and the right side more planes and therefore more complexity.

Take care of your Anatomy Figure and do not leave in direct sunlight or discolouration may occur.

Get 2 reference postcards, plus a making the most of your anatomy figure video free with your order!

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Product details - Male
Cast in neutral grey resin
6.7-inches/17cm tall
Weight approx 726 grams

Product details - Female
Cast in neutral grey resin
6.4-inches/16.2cm tall
Weight approx 726 grams
Produced in China


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Artbook House

We are a retailer in Vietnam, our customers especially love this statue set. The size is just large enough for students to conveniently hold it in their hands and observe. The weight and material create a feeling of solidity and quality.

Amazing learning resources for studying facial planes and rendering of light

These are fantastic references and learning aides. I use them in different lighting scenarios too for studying light behaviour and shadow creation. When not being used they make great studio ornaments too!

Exactly what I needed

I love the quality of these busts. Aside from their beauty, their usefulness has been a game changer for my portrait drawing. Seeing the plane changes, having them in my hands, has been so helpful.

Great reference for drawing!

High quality product that has helped me with drawing difficult angles and finding great lighting for portraits. The busts are nice and sturdy, and the different styles of detail on either side are a great lighting check between big shapes and more detailed work. Would recommend to any artist out there!

Handiest head reference tool I own

I find the simplified, sharp planar structure of the busts to be more useful than the completely abstract shapes or the refined total likenesses of any other bust out there. It's a prefect balance between two extremes of reference objects. There is simply nothing else quite like these two. Stolidly made, I forsee these things lasting far longer than I will...

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