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404: Law Not Found

404: Law Not Found

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PLEASE NOTE: this is no longer available with no current plans to restock it.
404 was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and delivered earlier this year. It received universally good reviews and reached more than double its funding target. This is the complete version of the game, including all stretch goals unlocked through the Kickstarter and a small bonus that will only be included in the first print run.

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Unfortunately, 404 Law Not Found is now only available on If you are interested in purchasing the game, please visit

404: Law Not Found

The strategic game of monkey cloning, missile theft and pie concealment

404: Law Not Found is a medium-weight game for 2–6 players in which you play robots whose three laws have been scrambled and replaced with directives cobbled together from junk code. The game can be played in an hour (a little longer if it's your first game) and you may need to hide war, empower food, or destroy science! You go about this by programming your actions to carry things to the right machine, loading them in, and turning it on. Standing in your way are other players who need the same objects, enemies that threaten the ship as a whole, and the fact that some of the things that you need – particularly the human crew and their adorable monkey – have their own ideas about where they want to go.

Manufacturing guarantee

While 404 has widely been praised for its high production standards a packing error has adversely affected the robots in a minority of the games. If your robots are bent upon delivery they can trivially be fixed by immersing them in hot water for sixty seconds as in this video. If you do receive damaged robots and they do not respond to this treatment then please email us and we'll send you a replacement for any damaged robots free of charge.

Review Quotes

"Jen and I have really enjoyed the game so far, I mean every time we've gotten a really different surprising selection of directives. Some of them are really straightforward some of them are really twisted." - Rahdo Runs Through (video review)

"404: Law Not Found is like trying to solve a puzzle where the pieces are constantly moving." - Polyhedron Collider

"On the surface, 404: Law Not Found is a very silly game. However, a couple of rounds into your first play and you realise that it's not to be taken lightly." - Littlemetaldog

"I really like this game, and am backing it on kickstarter, and a "how to play" doesn't give you the laughs and the despair and the depth of the puzzle and the fun you're going to experience at the table, trying to fulfil your directives and being scuppered by your opponents as they steal your items, shove you into the wrong room, or you drop all your items." - Box of Delights (mini review on BGG)

"The game, while being very silly on the surface, is actually very strategic. A lot of thought needs to be put into your actions so you can make the most of your turns." - PurplePawn


How to play (official) - A introduction to how to play a game of "404: Law Not Found" by the designer.

How to play (unofficial)

Rahdo Runs Through

Box of Delights

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