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Beginner's Guide to Creating Portraits: Learning the essentials & developing your own style

Beginner's Guide to Creating Portraits: Learning the essentials & developing your own style

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This book comes with an exclusive Companion Booklet.

For any artist new to portraiture, this beginner’s guide is an essential addition to your tool kit. Expert Steve Forster guides you through essential portraiture concepts and workflows: identifying your own personal style, using photo references, preparing your canvas, and establishing an effective process for striking results. You will learn how to identify your personal style, use photo references, prepare your canvas, and establish an effective workflow for striking results. Must-know portrait-painting techniques and exclusive step-by-step tutorials from expert artists help you put your newfound skills into practice, while gallery pages offer further inspiration and insight into the fascinating art of portraiture.

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This book comes with an exclusive Companion Booklet.

Unlock the secrets of portraiture with this essential beginner’s guide. Identify your personal style, use photo references, prepare your canvas, and establish an effective workflow for striking results.

Expert Steve Forster guides you through getting started, including why ‘creation cycles’ are the key to success. Especially valuable for beginners, this phased approach provides a clear decision-making route at every stage. Then artist Robyn Leora Lowe demonstrates how to create believable features, no matter your style and medium.

To understand real-life workflow, follow six professional artists step by step through specially commissioned portraits. Discover how concept, style, technique, subject, and experience converge for distinctive results. Galleries of work from these artists, and others, showcase an even wider range of powerful portraiture.

Whether a complete beginner or honing existing skills, you too can develop the approach, confidence, and mastery needed to produce compelling portraits.

The Creation Cycles
Drawing: Proportion • Shape and line
Color Value: Establishing relationships • Diversity • Developing values • Light and form
Edges: The four types • From sharp to lost • Complex edges • Brushstrokes and style • Adding movement • Choosing brushes

Product details
Softback 320 pages
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
Paper quality: 130gsm - Silk FSC paper
ISBN: 978-1-912843-39-8

Contents and contributors

Justine S. Florentino
Steve Forster
Gennadiy Kim
Astri Lohne
Robyn Leora Lowe
Nick Runge
Aveline Stokart
Sara Tepes

Foreward by Cesar Santos
Getting Started
Creation Cycles
Other Considerations
PRO TIPS: Features & Details
Portrait Gallery


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

3D Total Publishing truly has an impressive book collection. I didn't know one could get love bombed by books but it really happened to me, cross my heart and hope to die!

Their collections have outstanding quality, not only in reference to content, layout and design but also in the physical quality of the books themselves.

I find their content to be spot on and relevant to art today, as a multi layered medium that ties together hands on craftsmanship with the complexity of high level digital artistry. The books are rich in the “know how” and give a pallet of styles from a collection of professional artists.

I was surprised by the level of detail around their products, many books included a complimentary high quality print of the artist work, and some books were autographed by the artist themselves. What a treat!

Their customer service is impeccable and personal. I was really aware that there is a human on the other side, funny how the absence of AI can make a human feel valued.

Awesome book

Thank you for this book. It's overwhelming at first, but every chapter shows new ways to improve your portrait-drawing-skills and not only in one style! I particularly liked that you added a portrait and its explanation by Aveline Stokart, since her art is not the "traditional" portrait, but equally beautiful in her own style.

Nico Konings
Yes it's good!

I like the book! It is massive and contains a lot of different styles, approaches and structure on building a portrait. It contains so much information, that you can use this for years to come, building your skill!

Elia Raffaelli
All you need

This book is amazing. It has all you need to learn how to draw portraits (with every medium and style) and how to manage lights, darkness and colors. 10/10

Michael Steadman
Find your Own Style.

Another great guide by 3dtotal for new or seasoned artists. This guide will take you through the basics and beyond to your own style.