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Clay Sculpting with the Shiflett Brothers

Clay Sculpting with the Shiflett Brothers

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The expressive techniques and captivating designs of clay sculpting experts the Shiflett Brothers are shared in this fascinating book. In Dallas-based brothers Brandon and Jarrod Shiflett tell their story and share their work, from the moment they discovered the medium of clay to how they became industry leaders. A collection of visually-led step-by-step demonstrations reveals an extensive set of practical and creative skills that any sculptor can try for themselves. Meanwhile, a look behind the scenes at their workshop, and the work of favourite fellow artists, bring the dynamic world of clay sculpting to life.

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Explore the Shiflett Brothers’ incredible world of clay sculpting. Their expressive techniques and captivating designs have drawn the admiration of industry giants such as Marvel, as well as creative geniuses including Sir Richard Taylor, co-founder of The Weta Workshop. In this book, Dallas-based brothers Brandon and Jarrod Shiflett tell their fascinating story, share insight into their unique processes, and offer invaluable advice to sculptors of all abilities. Joined by fellow esteemed sculptors Simon Lee, Aris Kolokontes, and Forest Rogers, the Shifletts have created a collection of visually-led step-by-step tutorials and demonstrate an extensive set of practical skills to expand any sculptor’s arsenal.

• Industry icons The Shiflett Brothers reveal invaluable sculpting insights and secrets.

• The brothers also share the work and techniques of top sculptors they themselves admire.

• Includes a behind-the-scenes look at the brothers' tools, materials, and methods.

• The Shiflett's own story will inspire sculptors of all styles and abilities.

• Includes a foreword written by Sir Richard Taylor, co-founder of The Weta Workshop.

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Softback 232 pages
Dimensions: 260mm x 210mm
Paper quality: 130gsm satin FSC
ISBN: 978-1-912843-47-3

Contents and contributors

About The Shiflett Brothers

Foreword by Sir Richard Taylor

About this book

Our approach
Our journey into clay
Our sculpting philosophy

The Shiflett arsenal
Tools of the trade

Great design
Sculptural sketching
Anatomy, proportion, and pose

Sculpting processes
TUTORIAL: Sculpting Death Dealer II by The Shiflett Brothers
Artist Spotlight: Simon Lee
TUTORIAL: Designing the Barbarian
TUTORIAL: Imagining the Pirate King by The Shiflett Brothers
Artist Spotlight: Aris Kolokontes
TUTORIAL: Creating the Gatekeeper
TUTORIAL: Building Professor McElroy by The Shiflett Brothers
Artist Spotlight: Forest Rogers
TUTORIAL: Crafting delicate translucent wings

Staying on track
Keeping momentum
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luke Steichen
A perfect book for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between!

I have been following the Shiflett Brothers for years now, and I have always been a big fan of their work, their community, and their previous classes. This book is an amazing, inspiring, and extremely educational view into the work, process, and inspiration of two amazing sculptors. They and their guest sculptors cover everything that goes into making a piece, warts and all. It is a phenomenal book for anyone at any skill level of sculpting, and a great reference for any creative. The enthusiasm in the book is infectious, and I think everyone who picks it up will be inspired to go make something.

Karl M Cottle "Ultrakarl"
A book for every sculptor, from beginner to seasoned professional.

It's nice to finally have a book on sculpting that is easy to understand whether you have a slight interest, just starting out or have been working in the medium for years. The approach of the book while instructional in nature, does not intimidate the reader nor does it make you feel sub-par or stupid for trying. The best part is how inspiring it is, it makes you feel like "I can really do this" with materials that are easy to find and easy to follow steps. I have been sculpting for quite some time and I enjoyed that the sculptors I admire use the same methods I learned to use as well as new ideas and steps I hadn't thought of. All too often in art the big names can be secretive about how they do things, this is not the case with the polymer clay community as this book shows. They seem to enjoy talking and sharing everything they have learned and figured out, very encouraging no matter your skill level. There is always room for improvement and this book shows that. It manages to be enthusiastic and above all else shows how much fun this particular art form can be from the perspective of those that love science fiction, fantasy and comic books. I am very grateful to have a book on sculpting on this level that I will be referencing for many years to come.