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Digital Painting in Photoshop: Industry Techniques for Beginners

Digital Painting in Photoshop: Industry Techniques for Beginners

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Inside this comprehensive manual is everything the budding digital painter needs to know about the customizable Photoshop interface, its efficient tools, essential painting brushes, and complex layers and masks. Explore the endless possibilities of digital painting through three highly detailed step-by-step tutorials which look in depth at key processes and professional techniques. Discover how to subtly integrate photo textures, create custom brushes, and generate impressive effects to develop your own incredible artworks.

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More about this book

Learn how to paint digitally in Adobe Photoshop, the key professional software for illustrators, video game artists, and the CG industry.

With a line-up of world-class contributors, this book is the essential guide for newcomers, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to harness the tremendous power of Photoshop as a painting tool.
- Learn the fundamentals of Photoshop’s tools and functions.
- Discover powerful photo manipulation techniques.
- Develop a digital painting from a hand-drawn image.
- Paint astounding special effects Gain valuable industry insight from the professionals.

Product details
Softback 288 pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-909414-76-1

Contents and contributors

Introduction to digital painting by Markus Lovadina



What is digital painting?

Hardware guide

Software guide

Introduction to Photoshop by Markus Lovadina


The Photoshop interface




Photoshop in action

Fantasy landscape by James Wolf Strehle


Key skills:

Setting up a canvas

Using layers

Custom brushes

Layer masks

Value structure

Atmospheric lighting

Refining details

Magic effects

Alien crash site by Matt Tkocz


Key skills:

Adding photos

Manipulating assets

Blending photos into paintings

Using channels

Saturation and desaturation

Color adjustment

Transform tools

Managing layers structures

Steampunk explorer by Daria Rashev


Key skills:

Using hand-drawn sketches

Using selections

Clipping masks

Layer blending modes

Merging layers

Sampling layers

Match Color adjustments

Creating reflections

Basic functions by Markus Lovadina









Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A good place to start

I bought this book a couple of years ago when I was almost completely new to art in general and digital art and Photoshop in particular. When I first got it I found it quite informative and inspirational, but I didn't make much practical use of it right away since I very much needed to work on my art fundamentals.
I've improved my skills a little since then, and when I recently came back to this book I was able to make much better use of it. The book is filled with useful information and is an excellent guide to making good use of Photoshop's features. And while Photoshop has had a number of updates since the book came out, I've yet to run into any problems because of that.


Digital Painting in Photoshop (industry techniques for beginners) An excellent guide for all levels of photoshop artists, includes what you need to get started, tool guide and detailed description of the photoshop interface. This book is a great refresher for me and inspired new creations!

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