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Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 - OUT OF PRINT!

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 - OUT OF PRINT!

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PLEASE NOTE: this book is out of print with no current plans to reprint it.

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Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 presents another collection of inspiring and motivational tutorials for artists of all levels.


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Building on the success of the previous two volumes, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 continues to explore the latest digital painting techniques.

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 presents another collection of inspiring and motivational tutorials for artists of all levels. A range of top industry professionals share the benefits of their years of experience in the digital art industry and offer tips, tricks and advice intended to help the next generation of artists reach new heights.

The chapters contained within this book are wide-ranging and comprehensive, offering something for everyone. Featured artists include Robh Ruppel and Ignacio Bazan Lazcano, who tackle the subject of futuristic cities, Thomas Pringle and Craig Sellars, who look at creating concept art for games, and Peter Swigut, who covers matte painting. Their in-depth tutorials are rich in advice about improving workflows and producing artwork worthy of any portfolio, making Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 an essential resource for any digital artist.

Product details
Softback 288 pages
Dimensions: 216mm x 279mm
Paper quality: Full colour premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-0-9551530-4-4

Contents and contributors

Chapter 01 - Creatures from Folklore
Goblin by Andrei Pervukhin
Siren by Min Yum
Ogre by Richard Tilbury
Troll by Simon Dominic

Chapter 02 - Concept Art for Games
Prison Planet: The Entrance by Thomas Pringle
Prison Planet: Labour Camps by Thomas Pringle
Prison Planet: Prisoner Transport by Craig Sellars
Prison Planet: Heavy Ground Transport by Craig Sellars
Prison Planet: Alien Prisoner by Bart Tiongson
Prison Planet: Chief of Security by Bart Tiongson

Chapter 03: Monsters
Sewer Monster by Andrei Pervukhinl
Volcano Monster by Jason Wei Che Juan
Sea Monster by Richard Tilbury
Mountain Monster by Simon Dominic

Chapter 04 - Sci-fi Cities
Futuristic Market Place by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano
Desert City by Jama jurabaev
Futuristic Dock by Richard Tilbury
Wealthy City by Robh Ruppel

Chapter 05 - Futuristic Marines
Futuristic Marine by Svetlin Velinov
All-Terrain Marine by Richard Tilbury
Female Marines by Alex Ruiz

Chapter 06 - The Five Ages of Steampunk
Historical Period by Chee Ming Wong
Transportation by Chee Ming Wong
Industrial by Chee Ming Wong
Mechanical by Chee Ming Wong
Fantasy by Chee Ming Wong

Chapter 07 - Portraiture
Male Self Portrait by Daarken (Mike Lim)
Beste Erel by Nykolai Alexander
Gabriel by Richard Tilbury
Female Self Portrait by Charlie Bowater

Chapter 08 - Matte Painting
Blocking In and Concept by Piotrek Swigut
Adding the Sky by Piotrek Swigut
Adding Elements by Piotrek Swigut
Lighting by Piotrek Swigut
Transforming the time of day by Piotrek Swigut

Chapter 09 - Complete Projects
The Making of "Diaper Faerie” by Branko Bistrovic
The Making of "Concrete 5” by Yang Xueguo
The Making of "Wasp Woman Returns” by Gediminas Pranckevičius

The Gallery
Featuring images by the likes of Alp Altiner, Ian Mcque, Daniel Dociu.


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