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FREE ISSUE - 2DArtist: Issue 116 - August 2015 (Download Only)

FREE ISSUE - 2DArtist: Issue 116 - August 2015 (Download Only)

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In this month’s issue we are featuring the talented Paul Canavan who talks about his work as a games artist. We also have a showcase of drawings by traditional artist Christo Dagorov, and bright 30-minute paintings from prolific speed painter Afanur Rashid.

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Welcome to 2dartist issue 116!

Hello! In this month’s issue we are featuring the talented Paul Canavan who talks about his work as a games artist. We also have a showcase of drawings by traditional artist Christo Dagorov, and bright 30-minute paintings from prolific speed painter Afanur Rashid.

If that wasn’t enough to get your creativity flowing, we have project overviews from expressive painter Wadim Kashin, and experienced concept artist Bram ‘Boco’ Sels. In our tutorials you can learn how to create a character concept in our robot machine tutorial, design a tsunami, and draw a hovering vehicle with depth. David Roya also continues our photo manipulation series with an infected character. Enjoy!

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Contents and contributors

Epic game concepts: We interview Paul Canavan, the lead artist at Blazing Griffin games studio
Vibrant speed paintings: Afanur Rashid showcase his absorbingly colorful speed paintings to spark your imagination
Minutely detailed drawings: Multi-media artist Christo Dagarov shows 2dartist his precision drawings
Imaginative illustrations: Be inspired by the inventive multi-media sketches of concept artist and illustrator, Stephan Günther
The gallery: See our selection of latest artwork, including contributions by Pat Presley and Hernan Flores
Create a robot machine concept: Learn how to design a complete character concept using Efflam Mercier’s guide for freelance artists
Add drama with a tsunami: The altering environments series continues with Donglu Yu’s tutorial on creating a tsunami
Create an infected character: Use photo-manipulation techniques to design an infected character from a stock image
Design a hovering vehicle with depth: Learn techniques for combining 2D and 3D to create a sense of depth for an air vehicle
Paint with energy: Self-taught artist Wadim Kashin describes how he created his vibrant environment Valley of Color
Character Generation - The face: Design a face with this exerpt from Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters


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