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GW Matcaps: ZBrush Shaders - Collection 1

GW Matcaps: ZBrush Shaders - Collection 1

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Designed primarily as practical presentation shaders for ZBrush 3, the 14 matcaps in this collection cover a wide material base that includes clay, plastic, wax, toon and metal. Each is unique and all have been created with purpose, practicality and creativity in mind.

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This set of shaders captures both a comprehensive range of materials as well as lighting environments. Through the use of ZBrush's powerful Matcap engine it is possible to not only sample material properties but environments too. This ability has been utilized widely throughout the collection to create as diverse a package as possible.

Whether you need to display models realistically or in a much detail as possible, this set leaves you with a vast variety of options to choose from.

The Ambient Occulision shader is an effective and realistic self-shadowing material when combined with ZBrush "best” quality render. Blinn materials are essential for comparing displacements from ZBrush to Maya/Max.

Product details
Author : Grant Warwick
Software : ZBrush 3
License : Per item
File Size : 8.17 MB

Contents and contributors

The matcaps collection includes 14 ZBrush shaders :
• Savage
• Jambuwax
• Stock Clay
• Cronan
• Ivory
• Mud Clay
• Super Sculpey
• Blue Clay
• Hot Clay
• Old Brass
• Toffee
• Zulu
• Cheese
• Orangina

As an added bonus, this set also includes the following three useful materials:
• Ambient Occlusion
• 3ds Max default Blinn
• Maya default Blinn


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