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Photoshop for 3D Artists - Volume 1

Photoshop for 3D Artists - Volume 1

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Whatever 3D software artists use, Photoshop remains a key tool throughout the production pipeline. The techniques presented in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 are intended to show how 2D techniques can be seamlessly blended into the 3D production pipeline.

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Whatever 3D software artists use, Photoshop remains a key tool throughout the production pipeline. The techniques presented in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 are intended to show how 2D techniques can be seamlessly blended into the 3D production pipeline, resulting in a high-quality image and a versatile and streamlined workflow. The book offers artists the chance to learn from a variety of top professionals, such as Andrzej Sykut, Fabio M. Ragonha, and Zoltan Korcsok, who willingly share the tips and tricks that they have developed over years of working in the 3D industry.

The tutorials in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 cover a variety of different subjects, from the initial concept stage through to post-production. Pre-viz and concepts are explored, showing the advantages of using Photoshop to plan and visualize projects. Combining library images in Photoshop to create custom textures is also featured, as well as how Photoshop can be used as an efficient alternative to lengthy render tests by focusing on compositing passes, adding particle effects, improving light and color adjustments. These post-production techniques are becoming increasingly popular within the industry as Photoshop becomes a more powerful and time-saving tool, enabling almost every 3D artist to enhance their final renders.

With the expertise of the individual contributors, the clearly written tutorials, and work-in-progress images, Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 is a timeless resource for veteran and beginner artists alike.

Product details
Softback 224 pages
Dimensions: 216mm x 279mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-0-9551530-3-7

Contents and contributors

Chapter 01 - Previsualization

- Spaceship Concepts
- Silhouettes
- Photoshop Concepts
- Creating Original Concepts

Chapter 02 - Texturing
- Base Layers and Color Correction
- Bump and Specular Maps
- Dirt and Grime
- Character Textures

Chapter 03 - Post-production
- Render Passes
- Retouching Final Renders
- Lighting and Special Effects
- Curves, Levels, Color Balance and Layer Styles
- Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers
- Creating Backgrounds

Chapter 04 - Effects for 3D
- Underwater
- Sparks and Glows
- Sci-Fi
- Fire, Heat Haze and Smoke

Chapter 05 - The Breakdown Gallery

Chapter 06 - 3D as a Painting Tool
- Introduction to Google SketchUp
- Alley Garage
- Futuristic Center

Chapter 07 - Complete Projects
- Fantasy Scene - Concept
- Fantasy Scene - Basic Modeling and Lighting
- Fantasy Scene - Creating Textures from Photographs
- Fantasy Scene - Adding the Sky and Scenery
- Fantasy Scene - Post-production
- Alchemist's Chamber - Texturing and Lighting in Photoshop


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
must have techniques for 3d projects

i bought this book to brush up on my photoshop techniques , richard tilbury outlines many aspects of using photoshop , photoshop really is a cracking piece of software this book helps you to get the best of certain techniques in it !!

Great Book

I use this book when i am frustrated and have things on my mind not connected to the line of work i need to carry out, thats when i need a reset button and this comes in handy in many ways.i use the book to thrive into new ideas and repair my line of view, with the line of creativity of-course. thank you 3d total! thank you publishers!

Still Relevant Techniques

I bought this book as it was on sale for $5. This book is about 6 years old but the techniques showed in this book are still relevant to today's ways of presenting ideas and finalising visuals. This book has helped me improved my visualization technics.

Fantastic addition for 3D artists

I bought this book to get a better understanding of implementing photoshop into my 3d workflow. And it certainly delivered. After reading this book im not only much better at using photoshop for texturing but also creating fantastic concepts in 3D and also taking the final renders further.

Great book- Highly recommend!

'This is an amazing book. Thoughtfully and logically laid out for the beginner and intermediate alike. Great examples and instruction and as alway beautiful art. Highly recommend.

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