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Photoshop for 3D (Download Only)

Photoshop for 3D (Download Only)

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This six chapter eBook aims to show the value of post-production and, more specifically, the ways in which Photoshop can be used to aid the 3D pipeline. Over the course of the tutorial we shall focus on the various tools and techniques on offer in Photoshop that are frequently used to improve 3D renders.

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Compositing passes, adding particle effects, improving lighting and making general color adjustments are a few of the topics covered, as well as ways to create backgrounds that both complement and enhance characters.

The methods presented within this eBook can provide an efficient alternative to lengthy render tests and experimenting with numerous settings, and will enable artists to seamlessly blend 2D techniques into a 3D process, resulting in a versatile and streamlined workflow.

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Platform: Photoshop
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Pages: 49

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Chapter 1 - Render Passes
Here we concentrate on the ways in which the most common render passes can be combined in Photoshop to produce a final image. The chapter looks at the blending modes appropriate to each and the manner in which they can be manipulated to the best effect. Specular, Reflection, Ambient Occlusion and Diffuse passes are covered, as well as the way in which to apply ZDepth through the Lens Blur filter.

Chapter 2 - Retouching Final Renders
This chapter picks up where the previous one left off and assumes that we have now composited our passes into a single render. It focuses on remedying general problems concerning issues such as tiling textures, along with effective ways of applying dirt maps to help integrate surfaces by way of the Vanishing Point filter. The other key tools that are explained are the Clone stamp and Healing brush, which are used to retouch and tidy up any unsatisfactory areas.

Chapter 3 - Lighting & Special Effects
The third installment uses the improved scene from the previous chapter and goes on to detail methods used to add volumetric lighting and particle effects. Using Curves and Gaussian Blur to create light "bloom” is also included, and we look at the value of using the Gradient tool in conjunction with the Clouds filter to add dust-filled sunbeams.

Chapter 4 - Curves, Levels, Color Balance & Layer Styles
This chapter is devoted to Photoshop's Image Adjustments, which are a very powerful way of changing the color balance and tonal range within an image. The tools on offer here afford artists the flexibility to change the mood and atmosphere of their 3D renders without the need to alter light rigs and the plethora of parameters that accompany them.

Chapter 5 - Layer Masks & Adjustment Layers
Adjustment layers are a non-destructive form of editing which allow users to tweak all sorts of image aspects, from the Color Balance and Hue/Saturation through to the Brightness and Contrast. This chapter describes their value in conjunction with Layer Masks to show how renders can be altered in a number of ways to improve specific elements such as lighting and color range, and yet be fully reversible.

Chapter 6 - Creating Backgrounds
We conclude this tutorial with a look at how to create a backdrop for a character that is both complimentary and at the same serves to enhance and emphasize them. We compare two very different approaches and hopefully through them show how each character type requires a unique interpretation.


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