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Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters

Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters

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Explore this volume in the popular Sketching from the Imagination series, dedicated to the fascinating field of creature design. Fictional beasts are an endless source of fuel for entertainment and the imagination, whether in epic myths and classic literature, or horror movies and fantasy games. From pencil sketches of aliens and dinosaurs, to digital doodles of dragons and mermaids, this book gathers together the work of 50 artists whose creations are sure to inspire and delight.

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In this inspiring addition to the popular Sketching from the Imagination series, we invite you to explore the works of fifty artists from across the field of creature design. From magical and mythical beasts to aliens and mutant monsters, each page comes alive with wild and wonderful creations in a range of styles and mediums. Each artist offers their personal commentary, advice, and tips on drawing techniques and concept design processes, making Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters a rich and exciting volume, whether you’re looking for an intriguing menagerie of artwork to browse, or for artistic and professional insights by a wide range of talented and imaginative creators.

*Over 300 pages feature hundreds of astonishing hand-picked sketches by global talent from the fields of film, TV, video games, animation, and illustration.
*A fascinating menagerie of creatures to fire up fans of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mythology, and folklore.
*Packed with contributors' personal advice, techniques, and insights to benefit artists of any skill level.

Product details
Softback 320 pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 230mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-909414-87-7

Contents and contributors

The 50 featured artists

Antoniou, Antonios (Noxis)

Bakhareva, Ksenia

Bang, William

Bertet, Janine

Bialek, Stella

Bruderer, Alice

Camehl, Tony

Chen, Longque

Coviello, Vincent

Durmisevic, Edin

Faure, Stéphane (Beesub)

Fernández, Júlia

Fortt, Anthony (Moa)

Frankova, Petra

Fratean, Raluca (Ralukko)

Frontoni, Giulia

Gheneli, Vlad

Gish, Daniel

Ha, Seungeun (Hawdy)

Hamel, Charles

Henriksen, Maria

Hristova, Polina


Jako, Máté

Juteau, Virginie

Kim, Jaemin

Kim, Sorie

Kotaki, Kekai

Kuo, Jonathan

Lexova, Kristina

Lovejoy, Evan

Menendez, Oriana

Ostrowski, Alexander

Park, Ji Hoon

Pauselli, Laura (Fulemy)

Plutowska, Karolina (Isvoc)

Powell, Carissa Kaye

Prime, April

Rebholz, Bobby

Rodriguez, Arthur

Schutte, Audre (Charamath)

Solomon, April

Spala, Hubert

Tew, Jin Yee

Tiefer, Josh

Trevino, Robbie


Vassie, Dominique

Walker, Jordan K

Yastrubetskaya, Ekaterina



The “dark arts” is an exploration of images mainly associated with mortality – concerning issues most people prefer to leave hidden in the shadows; in the ground.

However, if you were to look deeper, there is often a peaceful mindfulness to be found, as the artist seeks out what is not only hidden in the earth, but also hidden in the mind. If you venture out of your comfort zone to appreciate the images by the fantastic artists in this book, you can see what lies beneath, making it possible to grow closer to the truth of us all.

Allen Williams
Concept artist/fine artist


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