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Sketching from the Imagination: Storytelling

Sketching from the Imagination: Storytelling

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This book comes with an exclusive bonus Companion Booklet.

This instalment of the popular
Sketching from the Imagination series explores the wide, wondrous world of narrative art. From comic artists and book illustrators to storyboarders and animators, discover the work of 50 professionals with a passion for stories and narrative media. Learn how they craft memorable scenes, build worlds populated with exciting inhabitants, and engage the viewer with composition, detail, and emotion. Immerse yourself in over 300 pages of sketches and rare behind-the-scenes drafts, ranging from digital drawings to watercolor paintings, illuminated by the artists’ own insights into creativity, techniques, and motivation.

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This book comes with an exclusive bonus Companion Booklet.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, no matter what your style and medium, this book will have you telling tales in no time. Following the success of the established titles in this popular series, Sketching from the Imagination: Storytelling brings to life the characters, worlds, and tales of traditional stories and modern tales alike. 50 professional storybook artists from around the globe take inspiration from folklore and fairytales, myths and legends, and modern books and novels. Many of these artists create their own narratives, exploring their storytelling skills through an extraordinary talent for transforming words into compelling visual concepts. Children eagerly turn the pages of illustrated storybooks – some of those illustrations would be enchanting and dream-like, others were menacing and ugly (but no less intriguing) – and those images often linger into adulthood, when graphic novels and illustrated books take over to feed our adult curiosity and child-like sense of adventure. Each artist not only shares several pages of their original art, but also the story behind it – the narrative of the art itself, and their fascinating account of the artistic process. From traditional children’s characters to the fantastical, surreal, and terrifying worlds, every genre imaginable is covered.

• Featuring 50 artists from around the world and across the creative and entertainment industries
• Over 300 pages of inspiring artwork by talented illustrators, animators, concept artists, and concept artists
• Packed with personal insights, artistic advice, drawing techniques, and helpful tips by seasoned artists

Product details
Softback 320 pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 230mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-31-2

Contents and contributors

The 50 featured artists

Ameen, Hazem

awanqi (Angela Wang)

Bak, Pius

Chechula (Katerina Cupová)

Cloak, Sal V.


Dalmau, Carles

Dombois, Natalie

Fetz, Henrik

Figueroa, Eva

Flogny, Anaïs

Folz, Anna

Friend, Shaun (Craww)

Gadelev, Alex

González, Alba Ballesta


Hataya (Muzinabu)

Heine, Lisa

Kanani, Neimy

Kelly, Isobel

Lam, Kathy (Dawning Crow)

Liu, Daoxin

Locatelli, Loic

Matsuda, Leo


Mitchell, Ilinca

Nigro, Massimiliano Haematinon

Orellana, David

Orlova, Anna

Paton, Craig

Peacock, Tim


Pham, Linh

Puhl, Johanna

Quach, Michelle Huynh

Rodriguez González, Celia


Santos, Marcos

Schaffer, Faith


Slingerland, Rachelle Joy

Stone, Stephen

Svincova, Ksenia (irenhorrors)

tono (rt0no)

Toye, Vanessa

Vede, Alex

Vettori, Sarah

Waldera, Hunter

Wallis, Rachel Joan

Welsh, Gary


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Bought as a gift and it arrived on time and in great condition!

Love this!

I'm a visual storyteller, and this book is so inspiring, the short stories of the contributing artists as much as the sketches as well! I can come back to this book so many times just to go through a few stories for inspiration. Beautiful edition. Highly recommend it!


3D Total Publishing truly has an impressive book collection. I didn't know one could get love bombed by books but it really happened to me, cross my heart and hope to die!

Their collections have outstanding quality, not only in reference to content, layout and design but also in the physical quality of the books themselves.

I find their content to be spot on and relevant to art today, as a multi layered medium that ties together hands on craftsmanship with the complexity of high level digital artistry. The books are rich in the “know how” and give a pallet of styles from a collection of professional artists.

I was surprised by the level of detail around their products, many books included a complimentary high quality print of the artist work, and some books were autographed by the artist themselves. What a treat!

Their customer service is impeccable and personal. I was really aware that there is a human on the other side, funny how the absence of AI can make a human feel valued.

Debbi Goddard
Amazingly helpful and Inspirational

Hi, I am an artist of 30years and for the last 20yrs I had started writing. Recently the love of writing had become illustrating as well and I am rapt to be using my drawing and painting skills in my last book, Crowlock Holmes, Death of a Dancer, (available at Book Depository). I have almost finished the second in the series, but the confidence came with the books from 3dtotalpublishing. My hubby bought me concepts and storytelling for Christmas and they have really sparked my imagination. I am hoping to buy the rest as I save, but I cannot say enough good things about these books. I wish I had had them years ago. Such beautiful books as well, and I love just poring through the ideas and tips from other artists. Amazing, I just wish they were easier to get in New Zealand. I would love to be a rep for this firm over here, at least I could get my books and show them to my circle of friends. They are all very envious. Thanking you, DL Goddard


High quality printed book. Great inspiration and advice from the artists! Highly recommended!