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The Art of Feefal - with signed bookplate

The Art of Feefal - with signed bookplate

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This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Feefal, and a free mini print.

Be surprised, charmed, and intrigued by the unique work of Linnea Kikuchi (AKA Feefal), whose 1 million Instagram followers enjoy her surreal yet utterly believable creations. In this brand-new collection, she guides us through classic pieces, never-before-seen works, and tutorials crafted specially for the book. From early influences to her current workflow, Feefal’s captivating world is presented in this beautifully produced hardback volume.

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This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Feefal, and a free mini print.

The Art of Feefal is the first published collection of work by Swedish artist Linnea Kikuchi, known as Feefal to her fans and fellow artists. Feefal guides you through this fascinating book as she explores her extraordinary world of playful characters in settings infused with curious dream-like and macabre qualities. She reveals personal thoughts around her creative process alongside the techniques she uses to bring these ideas to life.

In this book Feefal shares the early influences and insights that set her on the path to becoming the artist she is today, with a worldwide fan base including over one-million Instagram followers. She also takes time to elaborate on her attraction to the occult, just one of the otherworldly themes that feature in her work.

In this beautifully produced book, Feefal’s artwork and words are printed on high-quality paper, offering the reader a richly colored and aesthetically captivating experience throughout. Working with art book experts 3dtotal Publishing has allowed Feefal to not only tell the story of her artistic motivations and unique creativity, but to also share the practical techniques, tips, and tricks she has learned along the way.

With galleries of curated classics and brand new art intertwined throughout her story, tutorials, and advice, The Art of Feefal is as intriguing as it is spellbinding.

Hardback 152 pages
Dimensions: 260mm x 215mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-50-3

Special features

This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Feefal, and a free mini print.

About the artist

Hi everyone! My name is Linnea Kikuchi, although here on the internet I'm more commonly known as Feefal. I’m an illustrator from Sweden, and I have a passion for creating artwork that is rich in dreamlike elements, and combines feminine characteristics with a darker, more gritty edge. Another huge interest of mine is creating character designs based around everyday objects – whether it be a lamp, or a mushroom, or a telephone…!


Customer Reviews

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I love when she talk about ink

I used a translator for this review, so if something strange is written, it's not my fault ;)

I have to say I like it a lot.
Feefal is a very interesting artist and quite distant from me regarding the "darkness" of him. But I think he is also very inspiring and therefore I am very attracted to him. She is very light, and very good with colors and I like to see how she explains different coloring techniques, including the "simple" (which is the most difficult) inking. So for me ultra approved!


A beautiful book!


This book is beautiful and im so happy it exist ❤️


Love her work and was so excited to be able to purchase this book!


This book is so lovely and is everything I hoped for in an art book! The pages are high quality, the colors are vibrant, and there are so many personal touches and messages throughout the book that make it such a cozy read. I love hearing about Feefal’s life and perspective on things! It really made me think about my views on life and how I spend my time and see the world, which wasn’t something that I was expecting to get from an art book, but was a very welcome and pleasant surprise! The art included in the book is stunning, and I’m excited to go through the art tutorials that are included! This book is definitely 10/10 for all categories! Amazing work! Can’t wait to buy more Feefal art in the future!