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The Art of Simz - special anniversary edition

The Art of Simz - special anniversary edition

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This is a signed book by Simz featuring a dust jacket, an A5 sketchbook and a free mini print.

In this beautiful hardback book, discover the enchanting world of Simone “Simz” Ferriero, an Italian artist who creates compelling images in which the modern day mingles with magical fantasy. Read about the lessons and obstacles Simz has faced on his career path, learn about the tools and techniques he uses, and figure out how to find your own creative style with his expert advice.

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This is a signed book by Simz featuring a dust jacket, an A5 sketchbook and a free mini print.

This enchanting artbook is the first published collection from Italian illustrator and comic-book artist, Simone Ferriero, better known as Simz to his online community. Inside The Art of Simz, readers will discover the digital artist’s much-loved witches and their spectral cat companions as they continue to mix the modern day with magical fantasy. Starting with an in-depth look at his creative journey, Simz shares how he found his creative feet, his experience in education, his leap of faith into working as a freelance illustrator, and his professional milestones to date. Simz also discusses the challenges he’s faced along the way, and offers advice to those seeking to pursue a successful career in the art industry. This spellbinding book boasts two large galleries; one containing a behind-the-scenes timeline of his sketchbook pieces, and another that focuses on his Etsy-shopping, selfie-taking, online-dating witches and everybody’s favourites – the ghost cats. The following chapters cover everything about his creative process, including his tools, workspace, and his sought-after watercolour-inspired techniques, while also shedding light on how to conjure a unique artistic style. There’s even a brand-new tutorial that offers readers a chance to follow along and improve their own skills. The Art of Simz is a bewitching addition to any bookshelf or coffee table, and will be sure to charm artists, art-lovers, and existing fans alike.

Hardback 152 pages
Dimensions: 260mm x 215mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-72-5

Special features

This is a signed book by Simz featuring a dust jacket, an A5 sketchbook and a free mini print.

About the artist

Simone “Simz” Ferriero is a freelance comic-book artist and illustrator from Italy. His modern-day witches and ghost cats have earned him a big online fanbase, with 345K followers on Instagram and popular accounts on Twitch, YouTube, and Patreon. Simone’s main inspiration comes from American comics, anime, and manga, as well as his idyllic surroundings and artists from his hometown. In his debut book, The Art of Simz, Simone shares his experiences working as a full-time artist, including professional milestones, challenges faced along the way, and how to pursue a career in the industry.


Customer Reviews

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Cosmo Smith

Love this book!


Beautiful books. Arrived in perfect condition


The book is gorgeous! I adore Simone's art. And it's nice to read about the artist's background and methods. Great book! I highly recommend

Great book, beautiful art!

Great book, full of wonderfull art and the book as a whole has consistent and beautiful style. I recomend it for everyone who is fan of Simz art, wants to learn more about this kind of artystyle or just likes the witchy vibe!

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