PODCAST: An interview with schmoedraws

Simone Grünewald (Schmoe)

Simone Grünewald, also known as “Schmoe,” is a passionate illustrator and well-known art director, character designer, 2D animator, and key art storyboarder working in the games industry. She has a desire to create emotive designs that document her life, including the experiences of motherhood, in addition to her commercial work. Having followed the creative path all of her life, Simone has a wealth of knowledge in both traditional and digital art and shares her insights with her global audience via increasingly popular social media accounts. Simone is also the author of Sketch Every Day (3dtotal Publishing)

Check out this 3dtotal podcast, featuring Simone Grünewald aka schmoedraws talking about her art of book Sketch Every Day and life as an artist...

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