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Windows to Worlds: The Art of Devin Elle Kurtz - with signed bookplate

Windows to Worlds: The Art of Devin Elle Kurtz - with signed bookplate

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This book features a bookplate signed by Devin Elle Kurtz and a free mini print.

Industry professional Devin Elle Kurtz inspires and instructs in her debut artbook. In addition to sharing how she has navigated the various paths of education, work, and personal struggles, Devin reveals her approach to color, light, and storytelling. Readers will find theory, techniques, and favorite tools sitting alongside step-by-step tutorials as Devin helps them unlock their own artistic potential.

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This book features a bookplate signed by Devin Elle Kurtz and a free mini print.

Illustrator and concept artist Devin Elle Kurtz shares her journey, from childhood ambitions to be an artist and finding the best educational fit, to working in the industry as she continues to develop her craft. The Art of Devin Elle Kurtz bursts with the stunning color, light, and storytelling that Devin has mastered, using traditional and digital methods. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a young industry professional. Devin recalls navigating educational opportunities, looking for the combination of formal classes and personal study that suited her needs. Color and light play a huge part – whether she uses traditional or digital techniques – and specially commissioned tutorials give aspiring artists the chance to sample her methods while evolving their skills. Readers will also enjoy the intriguing subject of storytelling, as Devin explores the themes that feature the most in her own work, including where they originated from. These insights and reflections are not only fascinating, but also help readers unlock their own authentic storytelling potential. Devin has been handpicked to join the ranks of superstar artists who have produced their "Art of" books with 3dtotal Publishing, creating the unique blend of advice, tutorials, inspiration, and galleries that we love to see.

Hardback 152 pages
Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm
Paper quality: Full-color premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-912843-46-6

Special features

This book features a bookplate signed by Devin Elle Kurtz and a free mini print.

About the artist

Devin Elle Kurtz is a 24-year-old digital illustrator, visual development artist, and background painter, with a focus on fantasy creatures and colorful environments. She works full-time on the Netflix animated series Disenchantment as lead background artist, but still makes time to focus on personal projects and business interests. Of particular note is Devin’s love of nature, with her whimsical scenes often featuring animals, fantastical creatures, and people within richly-lit scenes.


Customer Reviews

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Estelle THIEL
Great book

Amazing book giving insight into Devin's artistic life, as well as her techniques. I can't recommend it enough if you're trying to improve your own art, as the book even contains step by step tutorials and explains the artist's techniques. You'll also get a glimpse into some of Devin's struggles and how she sees some aspects of life, which was very humbling to me, personally.

My favorite book from 3dtotal

It is a wonderful book. I got my second copy to give it to a friend as a present. It takes you out of your everyday life in another world.
I can recommend it very much.


Great artist


Wish i could give it ten instead of five stars, beautiful book


3D Total Publishing truly has an impressive book collection. I didn't know one could get love bombed by books but it really happened to me, cross my heart and hope to die!

Their collections have outstanding quality, not only in reference to content, layout and design but also in the physical quality of the books themselves.

I find their content to be spot on and relevant to art today, as a multi layered medium that ties together hands on craftsmanship with the complexity of high level digital artistry. The books are rich in the “know how” and give a pallet of styles from a collection of professional artists.

I was surprised by the level of detail around their products, many books included a complimentary high quality print of the artist work, and some books were autographed by the artist themselves. What a treat!

Their customer service is impeccable and personal. I was really aware that there is a human on the other side, funny how the absence of AI can make a human feel valued.