Sci-fi art fundamentals in Photoshop  (Download Only)

Sci-fi art fundamentals in Photoshop (Download Only)

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Sci-fi art is one of the most popular genres of concept art, used widely in games, film, animation and illustration. Yet creating a successful sci-fi image can often be a daunting task. In this five-part eBook Juan Novelletto, an experienced concept artist for the entertainment industry, demonstrates in detail how to construct a dynamic sci-fi image and reveals key tips and techniques to help you create your own impressive sci-fi artworks in Photoshop. Covering everything from the basics of ensuring you have a strong composition to handy tips for generating VFX, and including crucial advice on perfecting perspective and values, this eBook is all you need to start creating dramatic sci-fi art!

Sci-fi art fundamentals in Photoshop
Learn the essential aspects for creating dynamic and exciting sci-fi illustrations

Product details
Author : Ltd
Tutorials by : Juan Novelletto
Software : Photoshop
Size : 47.1 MB
Pages : 53



Chapter 01 - Creating a sci-fi composition

Chapter 02 - Play with perspective

Chapter 03 - Using values in sci-fi art

Chapter 04 - Create sci-fi VFX

Chapter 05 - Concluding sci-fi fundamentals

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